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Preliminary Study on Water Physiological Characters of Fissistigma Oldhamii and Cinnamomum Chekiangense

Author ChenBingBing
Tutor ZhuJinZuo
School Fujian Normal University
Course Ecology
Keywords Lianas/ woody vine sap flow Water physiology δO18 δ_D Fissistigma oldhami Cinnamomum chekiangense Fujian Jian’ou Wanmulin Nature Reserve
CLC Q948
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In order to explore the water physiology Characteristics of woody vine, Fissistigma oldhami and Cinnamomum chekiangense sap flow were investigated in four seasons. And related environmental factors such as incident solar radiation, air temperature, relative air humidity were recorded continuously in Fujian Jian’ou Wanmulin Nature Reserve, where is a evergreen broad-leaved forest in subtropical regions. The nighttime transpiration, stomatal conductance and water sources were also be studied.The sap flow rate(SF)of F. oldhamii was alternate in daytime and nighttime, compare with C. chekiangense, SF of F. oldhamii started earlier and the value of nighttime is larger. F. oldhamii xylem has strong water transport capability. There were marked correlations between SF and the environmental factors each season. During spring and summer, SF started earlier and the peak value is larger than in autumn and winter. In order to adapt the high canopy transportation rate, F. oldhamii has a larger night SF. It’s nighttime transportation rate(TR) is obviously smaller than SF. There were not marked correlations between VPD and SF, so night SF of F. oldhamii may used to xylem water storage. Growing season F. oldhamii mainly utilized shallow-layer soil water.This study preliminary understanding of woody vine F. oldhamii’s water physiological characteristics in natural tropical forest, reveal the mainly SF characteristics differents of two life form plants, aim to provide practical references for physiology study of woody vines, and do a basic research for exploring the role of woody vines in tropical forests hydrological processes.

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