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Jinan Xiaoqing ecosystem health evaluation , repair and service value

Author LiuXiaoLi
Tutor ZhaoRanHang;CaoShengLe
School Shandong University
Course Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords Xiaoqing Variable fuzzy model Ecosystem health assessment Governance repair Service Functions
CLC X826
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Since the 20th century, 50 years, accompanied by rapid population expansion and rapid economic development, related to the survival of mankind water resources, water environment and water ecology and other major issues have become increasingly prominent, world-wide attention as a common theme. In China, since the 1980s, the rapid development of water pollution and imbalances in some areas the state of aquatic ecosystems sustainable economic and social development had a serious impact and constraints, so that the water ecosystem protection and restoration to rise to the development of a national strategy height. This paper analyzed and abroad about the river ecosystem health, governance, repair and service function value of a comprehensive study based on the results, combined with the Xiaoqing River in Jinan City, the actual situation, to carry out the following research: (1) summarizes the river ecosystem health evaluation, restoration of river ecosystem management, ecosystem services value research. Xiaoqing River in Jinan river ecosystem before the survey. (2) According to the characteristics of Jinan Xiaoqing proposed selection river health evaluation purposes, scientific, comprehensive, principles of sustainability and operability for the Xiaoqing River Health status, sub-level sub-category selection reflecting the aquatic environment, river morphology, riparian zone status, social and economic factors, four aspects of 13 specific indicators, each indicator is given five standard evaluation methods and characteristic values, the establishment of river ecosystem health indicators systems. Taking into account the fuzziness of river health, expert analysis using binary comparison method to determine the index weights and multi-objective fuzzy variable assessment model Xiaoqing River in Jinan section of ecosystem health levels were evaluated, obtained Xiaoqing River in Jinan section of Ecosystem Health unhealthy levels, the need for protection and management of the conclusions. (3) combined Xiaoqing River in Jinan section of the comprehensive management project planning actual situation and the status of ecosystems Xiaoqing, mainly from engineering and biological measures two aspects of the Xiaoqing River ecosystem restoration measures for the comprehensive management of a preliminary design. (4) in Jinan City, the Xiaoqing River comprehensive management plan based on the use of ecological economics approach Xiaoqing River in Jinan major ecosystem services were studied and divided, and the ecosystem services from the perspective of small Qinghe comprehensive management of the ecological benefits after a rough quantitative value, help people understand the river from the macro ecological management of the enormous ecological, economic and social benefits for the Xiaoqing River ecosystem ecosystem service values ??into Jinan City SNA and promotion of eco-compensation mechanism provides a basis conducive Jinan ecological, economic and social sustainable development.

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