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Around Urumqi Three Wild shrub seed germination studies

Author LiXiaoMei
Tutor ZhaoXiaoYing
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Botany
Keywords Wild Shrubs Seed germination Dormancy Maturation time Germination phenology
CLC Q948
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Thorn wood smartweed (Atraphaxis spinosa), and long sticks of wood smartweed (A. virgata) belonging to Polygonaceae Polygonum wood, barbed bindweed (Convolvulus tragacanthoides) belonging bindweed bindweed genus, three wild shrub vegetation around Urumqi an important component of species, is a potential candidate for revegetation species. Thesis through field observations and laboratory tests, these three plant seed germination, dormancy release and germination phenology were studied and its seed germination strategy was discussed, the main conclusions are as follows: temperature, moisture and salinity of these three Seed germination of wild shrubs there are differences. Thorn wood Polygonum in 30/20 ℃ the highest germination rate; long sticks of wood smartweed at 30/20 ℃ and 20/10 ℃ germination rate; thorn spin spent the set temperature germination rate is insignificant. Their seeds in-2.7MPa water stress and 0.50mol / L of salt stress could germinate,-0.3MPa of water stress on seed germination wood Polygonum play a catalytic role ,0-0 .2 mol / L of salt stress thorn bindweed on seed germination little impact. Three Wild shrub seed dormancy have different characteristics. Spines and long wooden sticks of wood Polygonum Polygonum seeds were treated with cold stratification eight weeks, six weeks and winter wild natural stratification can dormancy, but also can relieve dry storage at room temperature long sticks of wood Polygonum seed dormancy, describes two wooden Polygonum the depth of the seeds are non-physiological dormancy. Thorn bindweed seeds can scrape the seed coat dormancy, we can see it as physical dormancy. Dormancy after germination optimum temperature decreases. After two kinds of wood Polygonum seed germination after dry storage at room temperature is higher than the temperature of dry storage, dry storage temperature increased thorn bindweed seed germination rate. After burying the seeds of the latter two wooden Polygonum full germination, some seeds germinate thorn bindweed. Two kinds of wood have different germination of Polygonum mechanisms, resulting in different degrees of seed dormancy, mature early thorn wood Polygonum low degree of seed dormancy, and long sticks of wood Polygonum mature late low level of seed dormancy. Thorn wood Polygonum seeds dry storage at room temperature, in the process, reduced the lead after germination increases. Dry storage at room temperature significantly improved long sticks of wood Polygonum seeds 15/6 ℃ germination rate, especially in October the mature seed, in October and November respectively, the mature seed dry storage 9 months and 6 months after dormancy. Sleep type, germination phenology are also differences. Spines and long wooden sticks of wood Polygonum Polygonum seeds were germinated in a mature year, in the second year began in mid-March, seedling emergence, emergence until the end of April. Thorn bindweed seeds began the year in a mature seedling emergence, September emergence ends in April next year to continue to emerge. These three wild shrub seed germination, dormancy and germination phenology for its success in the desert around Urumqi settlers and growth, species continuation and expansion of populations has important adaptive significance.

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