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ARM7 microprocessor - based distance protection

Author SunXiaoLin
Tutor LiXiaoMing
School Shandong University
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Keywords ARM processor Microcomputer distance protection Line Protection DEVICEARM2200 μC/OS- Ⅱ
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In modern power grid with the ultrahigh-pressure, high-capacity, long-distance transmission lines growing, more safe and stable operation of the power system, the more stringent requirements. Distance protection as a basic part of the line protection, their work has a direct and important characteristics of a safe and stable operation of the power system. Microcomputer distance protection device on the hardware and software in order to meet the requirements of modern EHV power grid stable operation of the ever-increasing demands. This paper summarizes the Transmission Line Microcomputer Distance Protective Research based on the analysis of the status of the existing domestic microcomputer protection hardware, compared to the 8-bit, 16-bit microcontroller (SCM) and 32-bit DSP protection program, and summarizes its excellent shortcomings, ARM microprocessor-based protection scheme. The device to the Luminary Micro the Development Co DEVICEARM2200 IPC board as to protect the CPU, is mainly responsible for control data acquisition, sample data processing, protection function, the man-machine interface and the external serial and Ethernet communications, etc., together with other devices achieve sample-and-hold, multiple switches and switch input and output control. In this paper, the realization of the hardware design of microcomputer protection program, to complete the design of the the processor peripheral circuit and sampling circuit links. Protection algorithms and software design and function control based on the real-time operating system μC/OS- Ⅱ transplant protection device. Relative to the rapid development of the hardware and software development is lagging behind, and the current microcomputer protection in linear programs written in assembly language is commonly used in software development. This design approach has code refining, performed on some of the key operations and high efficiency, but because the programmers to comprehensive planning memory arrangements, data scheduling, resource allocation, resulting in the software development cycle is long, difficult and difficult. In addition, because different programmers have different habits of mind and manner, resulting in the software difficult to exchange, transplantation and maintenance. In this paper, a combination of real-time operating system μC/OS- Ⅱ modular hardware design, together constitute a reuse of hardware and software digital system platform, to maximize development efficiency, reduce wastage of resources, but also by long-term research on the platform, and gradually the the optimization platform hardware and software resources, improve their performance and meet increasingly complex application requirements. This paper attempts to achieve protection with task parallel processing and greatly improve the readability and reliability of the software, and also provide the conditions for future mission expansion.

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