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Experimental Study and Simulation Analysis on Shear Capacity of Steel Reinforced Concrete L-Shaped Short Columns

Author DangHui
Tutor LiZhe
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords L-shaped steel reinforced concrete column Test Shear Capacity Simulation Analysis
CLC TU398.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Shaped RC columns can effectively increase the building due to its cross-sectional area of ??the form used by a lot of attention and research. At present, the domestic part of the fortification intensity 8 the following areas have been carried out engineering applications , the state has issued the relevant procedures. However, due to the particularity shaped column cross-section in the form , so that the type of component shear capacity has been limited , and thus can not be brought into full play the advantages of this type column . Therefore, how the case does not change the cross-section shaped column shear improve performance , and expand the scope of application shaped column , became a research focus. The study shows that by adding steel to the specially shaped columns can effectively improve the overall performance of special-shaped columns , one column for that type therefore L-shaped member shear behavior on a very practical engineering significance . In this paper, through experiment and numerical simulation analysis for reinforced concrete L-shaped cross-section stud shear bearing capacity were studied. The main work of this paper are: on 14 reinforced concrete L-shaped cross-section of reinforced concrete short columns and two L-shaped cross-section short columns were tested design and construction , and carried out this type of column shear capacity of the test, obtained on the shear capacity of this type of column data type column and the destruction of the history and the main failure mode data . Study the L-shaped cross-section steel reinforced concrete short column shear capacity . Analysis of the main types of column failure modes , and through the destruction process and the reasons for the comparative study of experimental data , analyzes different shear span ratio , axial compression ratio , with bone ratio and stirrup ratio and other factors SRC L shaped shear capacity of short column laws . Obtained based on the cumulative strength method stub steel reinforced concrete L-shaped cross-section shear capacity of the formula , and the calculated results agree well with the experimental results . The results showed that: the shear steel L-shaped column performance than boneless L-shaped column has been greatly improved . Finite element software 10 test columns and increased nine steel L-shaped column shear capacity of a preliminary simulation analysis, the calculated and experimental values ??of basic agreement. The results showed that: axial compression , with bone ratio and shear span ratio is affected L-shaped column shear capacity of the main factors ; using finite element software reinforced concrete L-shaped column simulation is feasible.

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