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Research on the impact point coordinate measurement method of passive surface acoustic positioning on the big target

Author JiangDongDong
Tutor DiChangAn
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Precision instruments and machinery
Keywords Small-bore artillery Passive acoustic localization Big target face Standing target shooting concentration Impact location
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The standing target shooting concentration is an important index of the quality of ammunition, and is indicated with the impact location coordinate error. The thesis according to passive acoustic localization principle, studies a way of passive acoustic impact localization measurement of small-bore artillery which measurement area reaches 10m×10m. Lay the foundations of shooting concentration automatic measurement of standing target for Shooting Range.The basic conditions and features of shock wave of small-bore artillery are analyzed. Starting with the components of system and measurement principal of metallic bar type and dot array type, measuring precision and security for 10m×10m target area is analyzed. Dots array type which is more suitable for big target face, small volume measuring system is confirmed.The embattled way of acoustic sensor, the setting of mathematics model and calculating method of four dots quadrate array, eight dots linear array and symmetrical trigonal array was analyzed. By simulation analysis, the influence caused by time measuring error and acoustic sensor space to measuring precision and stability of three measurements was analyzed. The feasibility of three embattled models for 10m×10m target area measurement was probed into. Confirmed that symmetrical trigonal array is the embattled model satisfying study target.According to the requirements of a project of 25mm small-bore artillery, acoustic sensor embattling length than 2m and 10m×10m measuring target area, a passive acoustic impact localization automatic measurement system was designed.The system control software was programmed by LabVIEW and MATLAB which has the functions of system setting, waveform data acquisition and saving, data analyzing, etc. Seamless integration of LabVIEW and MATLAB was achieved by COM technology. The setup program was released.The system was testified in 1000m shooting lane of a shooting range by 25mm small-bore artillery. The precision reached 2cm.

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