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Studies on Seed Germination and Seedling Physiology Characteristics of Eight Species of Seriphidium

Author ZhangGuiHong
Tutor HeXueLi
School Hebei University
Course Botany
Keywords Seed germination Physiological characteristics Seedling Seriphidium
CLC Q945
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Plants to survive in extreme harsh environment , the special seed germination and seedling physiological characteristics of different plant seed germination characteristics and seedling physiological resistance largely affect plant growth and development and to adapt to the environment . Seriphidium plants are the desert steppe important species of Northwest China , has important ecological , fodder and medicinal value . In order to explore Seriphidium adaptability of physiological ecology , plant seeds and seedlings in the the light incubator and under potted conditions in Minqin Seriphidium Seriphidium minchiinense, needle split leaf of Seriphidium S. sublessingianum northwest Seriphidium S. nitrosum Seriphidium S. transiliense, the Bo Luota Seriphidium S. borotalense of roundworm Artemisia S. cinum , Sandy Bay Seriphidium S. sawanense , and Xinjiang Seriphidium S. kaschgaricum , 8 Seriphidium plant seed germination and seedling physiological characteristics of the study , including seed germination characteristics of different growth stages and different species of the same growth stage physiological resistance . Mainly achieved the following test results : 18 seed weight lighter , seeds , water absorption curve are fast - slow - down - steady , the fastest in the first 1h absorbent , seed germination water demand range of 3.97-12.52 times dry weight. Number 2 seed germination basically bell-shaped distribution , faster germination , the duration of the 6- 12d . The roundworm Artemisia germination of the shortest duration , longer duration of Minqin Seriphidium the Bo Luota Seriphidium , Seriphidium , Northwest Seriphidium . Germination peak at different times . 3 seed vigor from big to small order : Minqin Seriphidium gt ; Shawan Seriphidium gt ; roundworm Artemisia gt ; Bo Luota Seriphidium gt ; Ili Seriphidium gt ; Northwest Seriphidium gt ; needle lobed leaves Seriphidium gt ; Xinjiang Seriphidium . Seed vigor and seed germination the imbibed water absorption of the water absorption was negatively correlated . 4 in seedling growth strongest early resistance , strong resistance late mid- weakest . Analysis of variance showed POD.CAT and non - enzymatic protection system in preliminary play a major role , while the latter mainly dependent on SOD and the role of non - enzymatic protection system . Physiological resistance from strong to weak order : Minqin Seriphidium gt ; Shawan Seriphidium gt ; Bo Luota Seriphidium gt ; the roundworm Artemisia gt ; Northwest Seriphidium gt ; Ili Seriphidium gt ; needle lobed leaves Seriphidium gt; Xinjiang Seriphidium 8 Seriphidium plant morphological characteristics , growth environment and seed vigor consistent .

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