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Loss of key technologies can play a crucial anti-terrorism

Author LiHuiZhuo
Tutor HuangZhengXiang
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Artillery , automatic weapons and ammunition Engineering
Keywords antiterror disable hard structure projectile hard structure projectile body resistance mechanisms concrete
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The antiterror weapons had important application prospect, so more and more attentions came from domestic and foreign researchers. According to the limitations of conventional projectiles in actual combat antiterror, the concept of antiterror disable hard structure projectile was proposed. Assembling mechanical design, theoretical analysis, simulation, experimentation and other methods, this paper studied the penetration, separation, deflection and the phenomenon of stagnation of the antiterror disable hard structure projectile, and a series of theoretical formulas were received in order to provide the theoretical basis of the projectile and the experimental data. The main studying contents of this paper included:(1) Towards tactical requirements of antiterror disable hard structure projectile, the whole structure of disable hard structure projectile was designed, at the same time, three different structures of the inner-hard structure projectile were designed, through the analysis of the theoretical strength and the applicability of the actual combat, the structure of the shear resistance had a strong adaptability for variety of projectile target thickness.(2) According to the designed structure of the projectile, this text researched theoretically in turn that the crucial process of penetration, the penetration depth of the semi-infinite target, the deflection angle, ricochet angle and the effective penetration depths of oblique penetration, the remainder speed after positive/oblique penetration the limited thick target, the related theoretical formulas had been obtained, and the crucial parameters of the disable hard structure projectile on the penetration performance were researched and analyzed.(3) Through the simulating research of the disable hard structure projectile, the penetration phenomena and data were obtained under different penetration conditions, and simulation results were compared with the theoretical results with good consistency. Meanwhile, the shear resistance structure of the inner-hard structure projectile simulation optimization method was given.(4) To carry out the relevant experimental research, the trial methods, processes and results were described. Experimental results and theoretical, simulation results were in good agreement, and the accuracy of the theoretical methods and simulation were verified in this paper.

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