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Component Analysis and Function Studies on the Extractions from Three Kinds of Fungi

Author YuanGuangFeng
Tutor WangLiAn
School Hebei Normal
Course Microbiology
Keywords Agrocybe chaxing Straw mushroom Shake flask cultures Flavonoids Crude triterpenoid Slippery mushrooms mucus Antioxidant Antitumor
CLC S646
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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This study, the use of Agrocybe chaxing, straw mushroom the two edible fungi do material culture broth and mycelium of the mushroom liquid shake flask culture techniques. The use of organic solvents of different polarities, respectively A. chaxingu, mushroom culture broth and mycelia were extracted, access to the polarity of the sources are different active substance extract. Subsequently, the obtained extract components and functions of the active substance. In addition, to slip mushroom fruiting bodies do materials get slippery mushrooms mucus study on the slippery mushroom mucus composition and function. The specific findings are as follows: 1, several substances commonly used in laboratory and production as carbon, nitrogen, salts and vitamins, mycelium dry weight indicators, using the method of liquid shake flask cultures by single factor and orthogonal experiments, screened optimum of Agrocybe chaxing and straw mushroom liquid medium, the Agrocybe chaxing liquid medium composed of: glucose, 1.5%, 2% maltose, 0.15% of the soybean meal, yeast extract 0.15%, KH 2 the PO 4 3 O 0.15%, the VB1 0.01% of the MgSO 4 · 7H 2 and FeSO · 7H 2 O from 0.001% to; the Volvariella volvacea liquid medium composition: glucose 2.5%, soluble starch 2.5%, peptone 0.2%, soybean flour 1.5%, KH PO 4 0.3% 0.05 the MgSO 4 · 7H 2 O% the the VB1 0.005% and FeSO of 4 · 7H 2 O 0.002%. 2, on the Agrocybe chaxing and straw mushroom extract color reaction and spectrophotometry qualitative and quantitative analysis, results showed: the Agrocybe chaxing extract does not contain flavonoids, but contains rough triterpenoid, including bacteria Filaments of ethyl acetate phase crude triterpenoid highest content of 17.49%. Straw mushroom extract containing both flavonoids containing crude triterpenoid, the mycelium petroleum ether extract of the highest content of total flavonoids 9.31%; mycelium ethyl acetate extract objects in crude triterpenoid the highest content of 17.00%. Statistics show that two mushroom mycelium crude triterpene content was significantly higher than the culture broth. Straw mushroom total flavonoids content related to the extraction solvent polarity, total flavonoids of the ethyl acetate phase was significantly higher than the petroleum ether and ethanol. 3, DPPH · in vitro experiments, the liver lipid peroxidation experiments of Agrocybe chaxing and straw mushroom extract antioxidant activity detection, results showed that the the two strains extract has strong antioxidant activity. In the Agrocybe chaxing extract, the ethyl acetate phase extract inhibition rate highest in two experiments, 98.80% and 96.41%, respectively; straw mushroom extract in ethyl acetate extract activity is strongest The inhibition rate of 97.42% and 85.34%, respectively. 4, affect the results showed that the extract on cancer cell proliferation was determined by MTT: the Agrocybe chaxing and straw mushroom extracts inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and inhibit the rate and the concentration of the extract linear relationship. The Agrocybe chaxing each phase, the culture medium petroleum ether to inhibit the activity of cancer cells strongest inhibition rate of 91.94%; straw mushroom extract, the culture medium of ethyl acetate relative inhibition of cancer cells have the highest rate to 94.80%. Slippery mushrooms mucus qualitative and quantitative test results showed: sugar, protein, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and other substances in the the slippery mushroom mucus contains content of 2.231%, 0.209%, 1.315%; mucus on slippery mushrooms k562 cancer inhibition of cell experiments show that the slippery mushrooms mucus can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells k562, when 400μg/mL slippery mushrooms the mucus the role of cell 120 h, the inhibition rate of cancer was 56.7%, the IC 50 302.8μg/mL. Of slippery mushrooms mucus on mice still spleen lymphocytes activated lymphocyte (plus the concanavalin A) proliferation experiments show, slippery mushrooms mucus the two lymphocytes stimulate growth and stimulate Index with slippery mushrooms mucus concentration was positively correlation; concentration of 400μg/mL two cell stimulation index were 1.8720 and 1.2198, mucus slippery mushrooms have better immune function.

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