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Superlens in the transmission of electromagnetic waves

Author ShangYing
Tutor YuanJingHe
School Yantai University
Course Optics
Keywords Flat Super-Lens Transfer Matrix Method Spherical Super-lens and Dyadic Green’s Function Method
CLC O451
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, the propagation of electromagnetic wave through the flat superlens is investigated with transfer matrix method. The simulation map of evanescent wave amplitude amplified by perfect flat superlens is displayed.The results show that the greater the transverse wave vector components is,the greater is the degree of evanescent wave amplitude amplified,then a perfect image is achieved. In this paper,non-matching flat super-lens is compared with non-superlens,the result of simulation shows that non-matching flat super-lens can amplify evanescent wave,but non-superlens cann’t. the effect of metal-dielectric thickness, incident wave length, as well as medium cap on the evanescent wave amplitude is also discussed, The result shows that only when the metal-dielectric thickness is matched, can the amplification of evanescent waves achieve the greatest degree.A flat superlen with dielectric cap will enhance the amplification of evanescent waves. The numerical simulation of the electromagnetic wave propagation through spherical super-lens is completed with Dyadic Green’s function method,which proves the subwavelength imaging capability of super-spherical lens. This method makes up for the luck of coordinate transformation method.

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