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Analysis and Solving of Modes in Bragg Fiber

Author LiuDaoJun
Tutor LiMinQuan;LiaoTongQing
School Anhui University
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Fiber Bragg Full vector Finite Difference Method Perfectly matched layer
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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One-dimensional photonic crystal Bragg fiber cladding has a wide angle , a wide spectrum of the photonic band gap , this feature-rich bandgap waveguide micro - cavity theory , the potential control of the photonic bandgap optical functions into full play . Cladding photonic bandgap special analysis of fiber Bragg is different from the ordinary optical fiber light guide mechanism , the mode rational classification . Model analysis using the full vectorial vector mode fiber , discover low-loss single fundamental mode ( HE1 ) transmission, class of fiber Bragg with conventional single-mode fiber and optoelectronic devices output linearly polarized Gaussian spot coupling and compatible expansion of the fiber Bragg functional applications . The main work is as follows : Bragg fiber structure , consider the full vector model , solving complex mode based on one-dimensional full-vectorial finite differential method of solution , analysis of the relationship between one-dimensional photonic crystal band-gap structure parameters amount , explain the wide spectrum of Prague fiber , wide-angle bandgap optical limiting principle . Optical fiber Bragg grating structure , consider the full vector model , the transverse field components coupled equations satisfied by the electric or magnetic fields . For the refractive index discontinuities , a strict application of boundary conditions to deal with. On this basis , the use of the perfectly matched layer (PML, perfectly matched layer) as a numerical absorbing boundary , the complex mode solver based on the one-dimensional full-vectorial finite difference method . Then applied to the model of the fiber Bragg solving and analysis, drawing mode dispersion curves and mode spectrum the cladding photonic bandgap diagram , special analysis of fiber Bragg is different from the ordinary optical fiber light guide mechanism . (2) analysis of bandgap mode cut - off optical fiber transmission state to determine the conditions of transmission to achieve single fundamental mode ( HE11 ) . The relationship of the analysis of transmission bandwidth and fiber structure parameters , the analysis of broadband single - mode Bragg fiber design principles to explore the 1550 nm band single fundamental mode bandwidth transmission . Single-mode bandwidth and cladding refractive index difference between the cladding and fiber core diameter have a relationship , which can be achieved through the design of optical fiber structural parameters Bragg fiber broadband single - mode transmission . Topics from the following areas to explore the design principles of research broadband single - mode fiber Bragg fiber cladding structure parameters : 1. Appropriate . 2 fiber core diameter should be appropriate. The rational design of the fiber cladding refractive index difference .

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