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Astudy on Samuel Huntington’s Theory of Political Stability

Author YuSheng
Tutor ZhouFei
School Liaoning University
Course Administration
Keywords Huntington Political stability Political democratization Political institutionalization Political modernization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In China, with the further deepening of social transformation and social development to adapt to political, economic and social reforms in full swing, political development and stability is not only a high-level party and state to pursue an important objective of the effort, but also the results of its research become more and more fields of experts attention. At present, how to transition and how to ensure political stability of reform and development are problems. Maintain the socialist system and principles, learn and absorb foreign political theory research, to guide the practice of our political development.Samuel Huntington is the study of Western political stability theory outstanding representative. The idea of his theory of political stability in developing countries provides a theoretical basis. Many scholars at home and abroad research Huntington’s theory of political stability. But no one has studied the meaning of political stability theory and the theory of China’s political reform, political stability in China. The thesis research methods are comparative studies,historical research,theory with practice methods, and so on. Paper advocates the right to examine our current situation, to promote political institutionalization, political reform, for real transition period for China’s political development. Therefore, this paper has a certain theoretical and practical significance.This paper divides into four parts besides the preface and the conclusion.The first part is a theory of political stability Huntington background and origin. This chapter describes the life of Huntington, the theoretical background, ideological source of Huntington’s theory. This provides Huntington’s theory of political stability a macro background.The second part is the theory of political stability Definition and content. This chapter describes the concept of political stability in Huntington, and analyzes the theory of political stability.The third part is the overall assessment of political stability theory. This chapter from the perspective of political stability analysis theory, research methods, theoretical content, introduces the theory of political stability evaluation. This chapter examines the contribution of political stability in Huntington, and pointed out the inadequacy of their research.The fourth part is the theory of political stability Implications of China’s political development. This chapter mainly based on Huntington’s theory of political stability, contacted the current situation, analyze the Huntington’s theory of political stability of China’s political reform development inspiration and reference.

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