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The Study of Diagnosis and Obturation about the C-Shaped Canal System in Mandibular Second Molars

Author JiMei
Tutor LinZhiYong
School Shandong University
Course Clinical Stomatology
Keywords C-shaped root canal system Mandibular second molars Diagnosis Root canal filling Apical microleakage
CLC R781.05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Objective: To compare different methods of diagnosis of mandibular second molars incidence of C-shaped root canal system , as well as explore the C-shaped root canal system filling method . Methods: various reasons unplug the mandibular second molar of 90 , shooting preoperative X-ray film , and then opening the chamber and clean the pulp chamber observed under the surgical microscope and record the shape of the root canal orifice , the early tip file into the root canal within shoot the early sharp burrs piece . Analysis of the incidence of the X-ray film and preoperative surgical microscope diagnostic C -shaped root canal system . The early sharp burrs piece C-shaped root canal system analysis , the evaluation early tip filing chip to judge the significance of the C-shaped root canal system anatomy . Diagnosed with C-shaped root canal system grouping isolated teeth and filling, use a different method to detect filling dense apical sealing effect . Results: 90 isolated teeth , can be diagnosed by preoperative X-ray film for 20 ; morphology of the root canal port through the surgical microscope diagnosis was 28 , the combination of the two can be diagnosed 31 , C-shaped early the sharp burrs piece on root canal 13 performance for type Ⅰ eight manifestations of type Ⅱ , 10 showed type Ⅲ . Warm gutta percha staining shortest line length was statistically significant ( P <0.01 ) , compared with the other two groups . Conclusion : The diagnosis of the C -shaped root canal system should be taken to the preoperative combined method of X - ray microscopy of root canal early tip filing piece has a certain significance for determining the diagnosis and classification of C-shaped root canal system . Warm gutta percha leakage at least the best filling .

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