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The Lingual Orthodontics

Author NieJunXi
Tutor GuoZuo
School Shandong University
Course Clinical Stomatology
Keywords Tongue side of Orthodontics Lingual Bracket Bracket Positioning System Indirect bonding Standard bow
CLC R783.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Lingual orthodontics in the 1970s appeared almost simultaneously in the two countries. Lingual orthodontics technology has not yet become the the orthodontic technology of mainstream, but it has been a steady development. The technology has been more and more of orthodontic physicians and patients of all ages. Because it does not affect the patient's facial appearance, also known as the \Lingual orthodontics by the tongue side of the bracket and the special \Lingual Bracket design is in accordance with the morphological characteristics of the anatomical structures of the teeth, tongue and the tongue side of each tooth. Brackets of each tooth has a different thickness, the shaft inclination and torque. Compared with labial brackets on the front teeth tongue side brackets more typical characteristics; special anatomical characteristics of the teeth, tongue side, so the tongue side of standard orthodontic bow \As we all know, the accurate position of the bracket adhesive is the key to good treatment effect. The labial appliance different receptor sites, and factors such as the impact of orthodontic physician is difficult to Lingual Bracket direct adhesion in the correct position for future treatment brought no small trouble. International Adhesion Lingual Bracket with indirect bonding method. Major international three laboratory work system: lingual orthodontics personalized guidance system (Customized Lingual the appliance the Set-up Service, CLASS), torque / shaft inclination the reference guidance system (Torque / Angulation Reference Guide, TARG) and HIRO (HIRO System). Indirect adhesion, bracket lingual orthodontics correction procedures including tooth extraction (extraction cases), the molars adhesive tape ring, dentition flat aligned, tooth establishment of torque to close the gap, the stage of completion, after treatment to maintain. The advantages of lingual orthodontics is beautiful, strong, easy to open bite anchorage. The disadvantage is the chairside operation a long time, the high cost of treatment, affecting patients pronunciation. At present, with respect to the labial appliance, lingual orthodontics no specific contraindications. The labial appliance can do the cases, the tongue side of the appliance can be done. The cephalometric study shows that there is no statistically significant difference in lingual orthodontics labial appliance effects. However, if you want to do in terms of effectiveness and prognosis system comparison, the tongue side of the appliance and labial appliance needs to be done in many clinical trials. , Lingual appliance in some ways is not perfect, but in the near future, it will certainly be able to become a mature correction technology. This article on the history of the development of lingual orthodontics, advantages and disadvantages of the characteristics of the brackets, bracket positioning system, indirect bonding techniques, treatment procedures, biomechanical characteristics, correction of the success of key development prospects do mainly introduced.

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