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The Clinical Characteristics of Premature Newborns Treated by Dexameth and Diagnosded as NRDS

Author TanYanMing
Tutor ChenZuoZuo
School Chongqing Medical University
Course Pediatrics
Keywords Dexamethasone Preterm children Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
CLC R722.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Objective: To investigate prenatal dexamethasone (dexamethasone, Dex) respiratory distress syndrome in premature children (neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, NRDS) in children with clinical characteristics and Dex prevention NRDS possible influencing factors. Methods: Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University from January 2003 to September 2007 hospitalized and diagnosed with premature children NRDS clinical data of 279 cases of children . Divided into antenatal Dex group ( treatment group ) and not applied Dex group ( untreated group ) , each group was divided into lt; 34 week group and ≥ 34 weeks group . Treatment group and the untreated comparison group of clinical data , Apgar score, chest X-ray grading, ventilator average number of days , etc., and the use of methods of analysis Dex . Results: 1 clinical data comparing the two groups , treatment group and the untreated group multiple pregnancy rate was 40.0 %, 19.6% ; bile stasis mother during pregnancy rates were 9.3% , 1.5%, the incidence of diabetes was 5.3 %, 2.0 % , the incidence of PIH were 13.3 %, 5.9% , two groups were statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). 2 , gestational age lt; 34周NRDS had Apgar scores of treatment group and the untreated group were 1 min: 7.78 ± 2.17,6.41 ± 2.16; 5 min: 8.59 ± 1.69,7.15 ± 2.17, the difference was statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). 3 , gestational age lt; 34周NRDS children , chest X-ray in treatment group Ⅰ , Ⅱ grade , accounting for 87.7% , without treatment group Ⅲ grade , Ⅳ grade 29.8 %, respectively, there was significant difference ( P lt; 0.05). 4, lt; 34周cure children with ventilator average number of days compared to treatment group was 3.35 ± 1.80 d, untreated group : 4.55 ± 2.57 d, the difference was statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). 5 , the first drug treatment group at delivery time, mainly in lt; 24 h and 48 h-7 d. Because of the limitations of history taking , for Dex dose , route of administration and other records are incomplete , from the available information, most hospitals using conventional dose of 10 mg, intramuscular and intravenous route of administration to give priority , especially in muscle Note as much. Conclusion : 1, Dex NRDS preventing preterm children may be affected by the disease during pregnancy , multiple pregnancy, medication and other factors, it may be speculated that genetic defects. 2 , although prenatal Dex can not completely avoid the occurrence of NRDS was able to reduce its symptoms. 3, in the prevention of further regulate prenatal Dex NRDS , while taking into account the possible side effects of Dex , you should explore other more methods .

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