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Ovarian endometriosis investigation and analysis and factors related quality of life

Author LiJing
Tutor ChengMuXi
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Integrative gynecological
Keywords ovarian endometriosis relational factors of invasion life quality
CLC R711.71
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Endometriosis is a common and frequent diseases in gynecology, often examined at the child-bearing age women, its the outbreak rate presents is up-trend, became the third position of gynecology hospital indication and hysterectomy main reason. It has the serious influence of patient healthy and lives the quantity. Ovarian endometriosis (ovarian endometrioma, OEM) EM most common is a form of endometriosis about 80% in the ovary, typical circumstances, repeated bleeding lesions, and the accumulation of old blood In capsule form sticky brown liquid, it seems like chocolate, so-called ovarian " ovarian chocolate cyst (Qiao capsule). Because its pathogenesis is not completely known, its diagnose mainly depending on physico-chemical of clinical symptom, signs, check, ultraso nography, CA125, etc. some unknown asymptomatic personis is difficult to make preoperatively.The recognition of endometriosis for Chinese medicine is developing in recent years.It is belong to "abdominal mass", "dysmenorrhea", "infertile" and "irregular menstruation". It is often divided into some types of syndrome: stagnation of qi and blood, blood stasis due to cold, union of dampness, heat and blood stasis, consumption in liver and kidney.In order to study the risk factors associated with ovarian endometriosis and life quality, a case-control study was carried out in this research. Study methods and results as follows.Objective: To study the risk factors associated with ovarian endometriosis and life quality.Methods: A total of 97 cases with ovarian endometriosis and 53 patients with ovary carcinoid (control group) were interviewd. The research adopts uniform table included age, height, weight, profession, education, contraceptive methods, surgery history, overall symptoms, etc. At the same time, they were interviewd in Quality of Life in Brief and Depression Scale before March 07.All data were processed by SPSS13.0 statistical software.Results: ovarian endometriosis is related to harmful emotions like mental work, being addicted to pepperand, hyper-menorrhea, dysmenorrhea, exercise in menstrual period, coherent liquid skill, being fidgety and anxious, blood group A. Quality of life of ovarian endometriosis patients are obviously lower than control group in the total quality of life, the total healty, the pain and discomfort, medical-dependent, energy, sleep, sex life, daily life ability, negative feeling. The syndromes of qi and blood is the most common in primary ovarian endometriosis. And the blood stasis due to cold is olso often seen.

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