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Open pit blasting vibration intensity physical analysis and time-frequency characteristics of

Author MaNuoNuo
Tutor FeiHongLu
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Blasting Vibration Intensity physical Clocked Fourier analysis Wavelet Analysis
CLC O382
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Daily open pit blasting blasting vibration is the inevitable result of production operations , with the extensive application of blasting and blasting technology continues to expand the scale of blasting vibration control hazards put forward higher requirements, therefore , a reasonable prediction of blasting vibration attenuation the law is to make the effective control of blasting vibration hazards basis and premise . Paper, based on the production of Heilongjiang Yongping open pit blasting vibration monitoring measured data obtained by theoretical analysis and experimental research method of combining the physical strength of blasting vibration waveform , peak velocity characteristics were studied ; using regression analysis method velocity peak and the main vibration frequencies were predicted ; introducing the theory of fourier analysis and wavelet analysis on the basis of the measured data signal fourier spectrum analysis and wavelet time-frequency analysis . Through the measured velocity waveform numerical calculus to obtain acceleration, displacement waveforms, comparative analysis of these three physical waveform and spectrum intensity variations , obtained by regression analysis between the peak three empirical formulas ; using interval estimation method, the peak velocity prediction and control problems were studied. Also proposed the use of acceleration waveform can determine Millisecond segmentation , considering the impact of Sa Tao Minkowski elevation correction formulas and frequency prediction formula . In practical applications , according to the site conditions resulting conclusions and formulas , blasting vibration intensity and frequency of comprehensive analysis and anticipation . For containing the measured signal interference and noise , the application of wavelet analysis theory thresholding method was carried out wavelet decomposition and reconstruction , reconstruction after the blasting vibration signal interference component significantly weakened , resulting in a more realistic blasting vibration signal . Using wavelet analysis method, the measured denoised signal wavelet decomposition layers , each band obtained PPV and blasting vibration component wavelet frequency band energy , through the analysis comparison, the wavelet frequency band energy can be reflected blasting vibration \vibration intensity , frequency , duration . Comparison with Fourier analysis , wavelet analysis can be seen in the analysis of blasting vibration signal advantages, can be more systematic and comprehensive analysis of them .

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