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Study of the Water-Inrush Mechanism and Prediction of the Water-Resisting Floor

Author YangHuiHui
Tutor ZhaoWeiDong
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Base station maintenance Vehicle scheduling Geographic information system Metadata Three-tier architecture Battery
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At present, Mobile, Telecommunications and Unicom three telecommunication operators are adopted DaiWei company designated third party base station maintenance management mode. Base station power is to ensure that the power supply work base, and is very important to security stations don’t take back. Since most of the communication stations are directly used to power, when a massive utility power utility and long time, the way of station maintenance power needs to take scientific and reasonable scheduling method. In practice common scheduling methods, such as experience judgment method, queuing method, planning, and so on, they all have their own limitations.Therefore, study science, applicable and practical base station power generation, development base station maintenance scheduling method generating scheduling software system is to realize the maintenance power dispatching information and intelligence, security base station power is the supply of top priority.Existing common scheduling methods, such as experience judgment method, queuing method, planning, and so on, all have their own limitations, this paper aiming at these limitations, at the base of in full consideration DaiWei company base station maintenance power dispatching the actual demand and the basis of existing scheduling algorithm, combined with the shortest path algorithm and Floyd Dijkstra path search algorithm and other classic algorithm, then come up with presented method that based on node level of path search algorithm. The practice proved that the results of the algorithm has strong function for the execution of task.On program design of the system, aiming at the defect existed in the commonly used three-tier structure of program design, this article adds various descriptions to the database diagram using metadata technology, which enhances the independence of programming logic in large measure, Based on the theory of relational database On concrete design of the system, writing source code repeatedly has been reduced considerably, and the development of the system has been speed, besides the maintenance cost has been reduced sharply adopt the method of writing custom controls.On expressive forms of scheduling the system data, this article adopts humanized method to intuitively reflect the information users need on the map, combined with the GIS technology. The dispatchers can not only pay attention to the working condition of each base station, but also through personal experience while maintaining the scheduling of the base station and make appropriate adjustments and timely correction, with the results of current schedule of all equipment on the basis of the current information.The research of the article has been used online in Shandong Shiling Communications Company Ltd. The feedback information from the unit indicates that the base station’s generating intelligent dispatching system is reliable. It can give the path accurately and base station’s sequencing of generating. Providing accurate and reliable support for the company’s generating scheduling in the case of large-scale power outages. At the same time the system obtained the second prize in honor of innovative software of China Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.

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