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Research on FC+TCR Static Var Compensation Device

Author LiChunYang
Tutor GongMaoFa
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords reactive power compensation DSP simultaneous reactive power the theory of three-phrase imbalanced reactive power rational number interpolation the design of hardware and software
CLC TM761.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With increasingly imbalance loads in the power system and impact loads added into grid, the quality of power becomes worse and worse that mostly reflected by voltage fluctuation flicker and unbalanced three-phrase power supplying as well. Therefore, compensating reactive power, enhancing power factor and compensatory system during to imbalance loads have become a hotspot study. As thyristor appearing and being widely put into the practice, a new compensatory device famous for its rapid response has been invented based on the thyristor theory. Its fast response character is meaningful to the voltage reactive power controlThe thesis designs a static compensatory device based on TMS320F2812.A mathematical model of compensatory capacitor calculation has been built in the paper according to simultaneous reactive power theory and three-phrase imbalanced load compensation theory of C.P.Steinmetz.The trigger of thyristor that has been computed by querying in the interpolation table. The values of compensatory simultaneous reactive power and capacitor were got through simultaneous sampling voltage and current. The parameters chose by the above methods were proved to be precision by the simulation and the design compensate timely and operate reliably.The focus study of the paper is how to instantly compensate reactive power, which is a easy task for the DSP. DSP has a high performance which takes the responsible of digital process, calculation capacitor and controller operation, trigger computing with higher real time characteristic in the thesis. In order to reducing the amount load of DSP, C8051F is utilized to the system for man-human interface, keyboard, display, measurement protection etc.The paper also puts forward the hardware and software structure of controller, which meet the compensatory standards of quickly and constantly varied voltage and current. Not only for those functional disadvantages, the low cost and short period of development and the reliable stability are also its features. Both experiment and simulation results prove the device is much suitable for the low-rat voltage power compensation system.

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