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Effects of Xuebijing Injection on NF-κB in Acute Poisoning Patients Complicated with Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome

Author ZouYanGuo
Tutor XuRongTing
School Shandong University
Course Emergency Medicine
Keywords Xuebijing Injection Acute poisoning Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome Enzyme labelled immunohistochemical method Nuclear factor-kappaB
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Background In recent years,incidence of acute poisoning induced by various kinds of agricultural chemicals,poisonous drug and hypnotics is always in high level. Some kinds of poisonings even arised.Incidence of acute poisoning with multiple organ dysfunction sydrome is fairly high.And the fatality augments with the increased number of organs dysfunction.Traditional Chinese medicine Xuebijing Injection has the role of anti-endotoxin,anti-inflammatory,improving immune function and protecting organism.In clinical,it has good therapeutic effects on infection,systemic inflammatory response syndrome,sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.Acute poisoning is a powerful stimulating factor for organism. It can trigger the generate and release of generous inflammatory factors and cytokine. It can also induce systemic inflammatorome waterfall response.No matter there is bacterial infection or not,systemic inflammatory response syndrome even multiple organ dysfunction syndrome can occur.Therefore,we assume that using Xuebijing Injection in acute poisoning patients with multiple organ dysfunction sydrome may have good effect.As a important transcription factor in complicated inflammatory reaction,NF-κB exists extensively in nuclear living beings.It has leading effect on adjusting inflammatory reaction,immune response,apoptosis and viral replication.In the strong stringent state,NF-κB is activated and regulates the synthesis and release of various kinds of cytokine.So we imagine that NF-κB signal pathway has played an important role in this course.Objective①to observe the protect effect of Xuebijing Injection on acute poisoning patients with multiple organ dysfunction sydrome;②to investigate the influence of Xuebijing Injection on NF-κB activation of PMN in test group;③to investigate the effect of two different dosage groups in test group on NF-κB activation of PNM;④to discuss the relation between the prognosis of acute poisoning and the degree of NF-κB activation.Accordingly,investigate the mechanism which make the traditional chinese medicine Xuebijing Injection increase the successful rate of acute poisoning.Methods 45 cases of acute poisoning with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in emergency department of our hospital were selected from March,2006 to March,2008,and divided into two groups at random,test group(22 cases)and control group(23 cases).Control group was treated with routine therapeutics and test group was treated with Xuebijing Injection plus routine therapeutics.Furthermore,the test group was divided into two subgroups according to the treatment dosage,100ml group and 150ml group.Both groups in treatment course were phlebotomized according to the designed time.PNMs were gathered through deposition and centrifugation.Utilizing enzyme labelled immunohistochemical method(ABC method),we could observe NF-κB translocation into nucleolus with optical microscope,and analyse NF-κB activation degree in half-quantitative analysis with Photo analysis system.The life signs and experiment check results was closely observed.SPSS13.0 software was used to carry on statistical analysis.Numberable data was demonstrated with x±s.In comparison between two groups of numberable variable we used t test and of categorical variable used chi-square test.Difference was regarded as having statistics significance when P<0.05.Results①The remedy successful rate of test group was higher than that of control group,and the difference has statistics significance,(P<0.05);②The time, degree of vital signs and organ function,recovery of test group was superior to that of control group,and the difference has statistics significance,(P<0.05);③The NF-κB activation degree of control group is markedly higher than that of test group,and the difference has statistics significance,(P<0.01);④Xuebijing Injection suppress activation of NF-κB on dosage dependent,(P<0.05);⑤There is negtive correlation between NF-κB activation and organ fuction recovery.The better they recovered,the lower NF-κB was activated.Conclusion Xuebijing Injection plus routine therapeutics has obvious therapeutic effect on protecting the organ function and can increase the remedy successful rate of acute poisoning patients with multiple organ dysfunction sydrome. Its possible mechanism is inhibiting NF-κB signaling pathway,then reducing NF-κB combination with DNA binding sequence in nucleus and decreasing the release of its downstream inflammation factors which are adjusted by NF-κB.

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