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A Study on the Chinese Translation of Tagore’s English Poems from Polysystem Perspective

Author ZhangXiaoMei
Tutor XinLing
School Central China Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Polysystemic Complementary Tagore English Poetry Translation Lasted description
CLC H315.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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This article intends to conduct a comprehensive study of Tagore's English poem translates from a diachronic perspective, and examine the impact of this translation activities of Chinese New Poetry creation. Most foreign literary giant reputation in China or consistently as one, or as fleeting as a meteor, the translation work is also more than that. Rabindranath Tagore and his works in China when hot and cold, sometimes completely forgotten, sometimes being touted several ups and downs, this real rare phenomenon in the Chinese translation of literary history. Who translated, this translation activities, how to translate and why such translations are well worth studying some. Works of Tagore's translation activities in the end is what makes so special, is what kind of social and historical background affect the translation, as well as from the translation activities can be summarized in what law? Answer these questions, This article is based on the the Polysystem theory proposed by Israel the scholar Yi Tama · Evan - Zohar (Itama Even-Zohar), as well as new Chinese scholar Professor Yue and real life, the same is not following the \literature of the two countries mentioned in the concept of complementarity theory to examine the the the Tagore English poetry translating process Translation of Chinese New Poetry creation. In this paper, with the three multi-system theory point of view, one specific phenomenon of translation into multiple systems of interrelated cross to inspect the real translation of characteristics stand out from the more ambitious background; Second, the The phenomenon of translation as a separate study, a research object closer relationship than the relationship with the source language to the target language. The characteristics of the translation work itself is even more important in the study; Third, in the study of works in translation, the translation process must be taken into account. Translation of English poetry of Tagore in chronological order, the whole history of translation is divided into four periods. Discuss the contents of each period is the translator (translator identity and ideas), translation characteristics, and impact of the translation (the Polysystem which factors contributed to the work style). This paper argues that, on the basis of the detailed study of these content translator, itself as a poet, the translation works better than other translator popular and also more likely to spread to future generations, such as of Bingxin with Zhenduo translation. Translator scholars type, its translation is more \Study this translation activities, the identity of the translator gradually change from poet scholars to the many unsung Translators. Tagore English poetry spread surface gradually expand this trend. Change identity with the translator, the translation has also undergone a big change in style. Translated the poetry of the first period by the poet with the rich flavor of poetry, words and sentences and intricate. Accurate translation of the scholars of the second period, still poetic. The last time asked different styles, generally speaking prose trend is stronger, the quality of the translation is also a Nishajuxia, fish. At the same time there has been a lot of plagiarism and piracy. These changes are inextricably linked with the development of China's new literature, is also constrained by the social environment. Relatively speaking, Tagore's poetry is more popular in times of peace. Because the only people in peacetime only leisure to experience the philosophy of love implied in these poems, Vatican realistic and life of dignity. Tagore poetry revival in China also reflects China's new literary renaissance. This article is mainly focused on two aspects, namely, the form and content of discussion of Chinese new poetry, the Tagore English Poetry Translation. Translation Tagore English poetry in form to the form of prose poems and verses introduced to Chinese poetry community. In the same time, these translations rich language of the new poetry, a new poem on the Sentence variability. Content, the translator translate Tagore introduced a lot of new imagery, Chinese New Poetry injected new vitality. Translation Tagore religion and philosophy is also China's new poet inspired.

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