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Linguistic Features of Attrited English Vocabulary Learned in Chinese Context

Author JinXiaoBing
Tutor NiChuanBin
School Nanjing Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Language Abrasion English Vocabulary Lexical attrition Linguistic features
CLC H313
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Held at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States in 1980, \After that, the language abrasive research has attracted more and more attention from scholars. From the perspective of various disciplines, multiple language level language abrasive were fruitful discussion. As can be seen from these discussions, language abrasion showed the characteristics of \With further research, some scholars have turned the focus of the study of language abrasive language component of. As an important component of language vocabulary, become a focus of widespread concern. Abroad many scholars lexical attrition launched a lot of research has also made valuable results. In comparison, the language of the domestic abrasion Translation of foreign outcome of the research is still in its infancy, empirical studies of lexical attrition has not been involved. In this context, the abrasive environment of Chinese Vocabulary do a survey to proven language ablation of two influential theory - regression assumptions and selective theory, abrasive English vocabulary in the Chinese environment explanatory power. The same time, the English eclipse vocabulary linguistic features, such as: part of speech, word length, similarity, word frequency, chapter coverage and choice of words index system analysis. Specifically, the paper mainly studies the problem three: (1) Jakobson's regression hypothesis \terms of linguistic features to its abrasive relationship between what? survey for this study is a province of 128 previous graduate students, test tools for a vocabulary level test table. The obtained results show that: (1) Jakobson's regression assumptions described in the \For most English learners, the acquisition of the vocabulary learned in college than high school easier to abrasion. (2) English Vocabulary Acquisition in the Chinese environment abrasive also reflects a significant selectivity. (3) The majority of linguistic features will vocabulary abrasion have some impact. Which, similar to the role of the most obvious, shaped near more abrasive sounds term; followed by the word length, word length, the stronger, more susceptible to abrasion; Once again, word frequency, chapter coverage and choice of words index; obvious parts of speech . Based on the results obtained, a number of recommendations for the domestic English vocabulary teaching. Vocabulary teaching should focus on selected index word vocabulary; easily abrasive vocabulary, teachers should guide the learners using a variety of memory strategies to strengthen vocabulary knowledge, learners have to take the initiative to explore their own learning strategy and to consolidate new and old vocabulary knowledge through timely review.

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