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The Dominance and Recessiveness of Personalized Creation

Author ChenHongLing
Tutor WangZuoXin
School Hunan Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Ding Ling personalized creation Yan An Period Post-Culture Revolution Period Creation Psychology
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Dingling is a typical female writer with the strongest political complexion in the modern literature. The up-and-down destiny and uniqueness of experience greatly influenced her dominant creation and recessive psychological consciousness. To make a comprehensive survey of all her works, in which her personality in early years was shown to be quite prominent, both her works and herself, holding extensive attention of the critics and the literature lovers, became well-known throughout the country. However, the reproaches on her works and hardships she suffered in the Yan An Period and after the Culture Revolution were relatively increasing . Therefore, the special political circumstances and her own changeable fate led to unstable style of writing , in which the language was sometimes in the tone of intellects and sometimes in that of politicians. This essay attempts to make decipherment of DingLing’s works from analyzing the content by taking the objective stand, tries to figure out her creation psychology in Yan An Period and after the Culture Revolution, in order to be close to the real DingLing in the two phases. The whole essay includes two parts:The first part focuses on DingLing’s creation psychology in the Yan An period, which varied for several times: I . She was full of passion at the arrival of Yan An, while writing like a "soldier". II.After deeply rooted in Yan An , she began to look closely at it with critic ideas. At this time, she played the role as a independently personalized intellectuals affected by the traditional "WuSi" Idea. III. The Yan An art and culture was standardized after the publish of Mao Zedong’s "the Speech about Yan An Art and Culture ", The Yan An Rectification Movement had taught a lecture to DingLing, therefore, she went to the countryside to experience the life there and made literature creation like a devout writer who wanted to do penance for a new life. IV. The analysis of the cause for the frequent alteration of her psychology.The second part is mainly about DingLing’s mental condition after the Culture Revolution. I. After she resumed her creation, her works were based on politics: for the reson of 20 years wrongful treatment, she was full of worries about her restarting. With careful consideration, she showed her political standpoint by the work "Du Wanxiang", which in fact was to emphasize that writers were politicalized person through political colored written language. II Free creation period: Dingling is a emotional writer, though she had been once lost in politics, who remained quite abundant in emotion after experienced many vicissitudes of life. She kept literature writing even when suffering great illness in her late years, like the prose, which are full of individual character. III. The analysis of the cause for the frequent alteration of her psychology in the late years.

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