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Study on the Antitussive, Antiasthmatic and Expectorant Effect and the Mechanism of the Ethanol Extract from Flower of Eriobotrya Japonica

Author ChenXiaoFang
Tutor LiuChunYu
School Suzhou University
Course Pharmacognosy
Keywords FEJ antitussive antiasthmatic mechanism
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To study the effects and mechanism of the ethanol extract from Flower of Eriobotrya japonica (FEJ) on the antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic effect for clinical application.Methods:1. Antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic effect of FEJ.①Using cough model induced ammonia water, the incubation period of cough time and 3 minutes cough in mice were recorded from begining ammonia spray.②With cough model induced Citric acid, the incubation period of cough time and 5 minutes cough in guinea-pig were recorded from begining citric spray to presenting cough.③According to phenol red standard cures, phenol red secretions in every groups were calculated.④Using asthmogenic method by nebulization induced through acetylcholine bromide and histamine phosphate, the latent period of asthmatic model in inhaling 0.1%His and 2%Ach were recorded after administration of FEJ.2. Mechanism of FEJ on the antitussive and antiasthmatic effect.①The peripherally-acting antitussive effect of FEJ was investigated by inhibiting ATP sensitive K+ ion channel and releasing substance P from C-fibre induced by capsaicin in guinea pigs.②Models of acute inflammatory reactions of xylene induced mouse ear edema was performed to study the anti-inflammatory effects.③Mice asthma model was duplicated by OVA through sensitizing and challenging, the number of EOS in BALF and NO in pulmonary tissue homogenates were determined; the contents of IL-8, IL-10 in the serum were (respectively) measured by ELISA; after H-E staining, the pathological changes of bronchus and morphological changes of the bronchus were observed with Light Microscope; the expression of NF-κBp65 in the lung tissues were determined immunohistochemistry.Results:1.Experimental study on antitussive, expectoration and antiasthma.①FEJ decreased significantly the cough of mice and guinea pigs (P<0.01); the latency of cough times were significantly prolonged (P<0.01).②The effect of the excretion of phenol red in bronchus of mice showed that, there was very significant difference between FEJ groups with control group (P<0.01).③FEJ increased significantly the latency of 2%Ach+0.1%His-induced asthma of guinea pigs (P<0.05), It has distinguished antiasthmatic effect.2. There is significantly difference in releasion of substance P from c-fibre. FEJ maybe not work through influencing ATP-sensitive K+ ion channel to relieve cough.3. FEJ inhibited significantly mouse ear edema induced by xylene; It was found that in FEJ treatment groups bronchi and reaction of lung tissue was improved in varying degrees; exudate of lumen, the increasing of basement membrane and the defective mucous membrane on the wall of the bronchus were reduced; at same time the inflammatory cell were reduced. FEJ has significant anti-inflammatory effect. FEJ could decrease the levels of IL-8 in the serum of mice (P<0.05), while the levels of IL-10 were significantly increased (P<0.05). NO concentrations in pulmonary tissue homogenates were decreased; the number of EOS was decreased obviously in BALF of asthma mice (P<0.05); the result of immunohistochemistry implied that FEJ decreased obviously the expression of NF-κBp65 in lung tissue (P<0.01).Conclusion: FEJ has antitussive, antiasthmatic, expectorant actions on animal experiments. Its mechanism were maybe associated with decreasing the release of IL-8 in the serum of mouse, increasing the release of IL-10, suppressing the expression of NF-κBp65 and inhibiting NO signaling moleculars and reducing the release of inflammatory mediators. The experiment results provide experiment basements for the clinics of FEJ.

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