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Study on the Emotion Intelligence and Relationship between the EI and Coping Efficacy of Teenage Athletes in Zhejiang Province

Author JiangLiQi
Tutor LuZunYi
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords teenage athletes emotion intelligence coping efficacy
CLC G804.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Since the defition of“emotion intelligence”(EI) was born in the 1990’s, people have more and more realized its importance to their study and life. The teenage athletes often work in stress; thus it is of great significance to study the relationship between their EI and coping efficacy. Based on the former reseaches, this thesis tries to analyse the factors in the“EI Scale”(EIS)and finally has found out five factors. With the help of“EI Scale”and“Coping Efficacy Scale”, the author made a study of more than 400 teenage atheletes in 6 teenage sports schools in Zhejiang Province, explored the diversity of their EI in different variables and the relationship between EI and coping efficacy. After analysis and discussion, there follows the conclusions:(1)After factor analysis, there found five factors in the EIS of teenage athelets.(2)There existed distingwished differences in sexality. Female atheltes scored higher than male ones in the branch scale of“cognition ability of others’emotion”and“control ability of others’emotion”while in“congition ability of self-emotion”and“total score”, the male scored higher than the female.(3)The existed siginicant differences in EI between primary school and senior high school students. So did junior school and seninor high school students. And the difference between primary school and junior school students in the total score of EI was on the boudary level of 0.05. (p=0.057)(4)There did not exist great differences in EI among teenage athletes from different places. But there were significant differences between those from one-child families and those weren’t, and the latter scored much higher than the former.(5)There did great differences between collective project athletes and indivival project athletes , and the former scored much higher than the latter; and so did between open sporting skill athletes and closed sporting skill athletes, and the formmer scored much higher than the latter.(6)There were significant differences in the total score between second-level teenage athletes and average teenage athletes in Zhejiang Province, the fommer much high than the latter.(7)There were close relationship between the EI and coping efficacy of teenage athletes in Zhejiang Province (r=0.322,p<0.01). Taking the 5 factors in EI as independent variable , the coping efficacy dependent vaiable, the author got the equation y=39.388+0.197x1+0.132x3(x1 stands for“congition ability of self-emotion”, and x3 stands for“control ability of self-emotion”).

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