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Fuxin Mine mine water by coagulation and filtration Optimization

Author TangShouMing
Tutor XuYing
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Coagulation Orthogonal Deep bed filtration
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Applications in the field of water treatment , coagulation and filtration is one of many key aspects of sewage purification process , the former directly affects the treatment effect of the subsequent process water treatment effects and treatment costs. The latter is widely used with a variety of water purification . The topics to Wulong mine effluent water part of the process for the study were optimized for coagulation and filtration main research common inorganic coagulant and polymer coagulants at different dosage , pH, different raw water turbidity coagulation effect under the conditions of the impact , to determine the optimal conditions for coagulant and using orthogonal experiment method integrated optimization of these indicators . Meanwhile, a single dual-media filtration experimental study of different thickness on the water turbidity , permanganate index removal effect , compare their strengths and weaknesses of the filter , the optimal ratio between the media , in order to provide realistic depth filter optimization basis . And the data obtained by experiment : PAC is the best coagulant and coagulant polyacrylamide and combined with floc settlement is better than a single coagulant ; in coagulation orthogonal experiment, get gifted program as : PAC, PAM dosage was 1.5ml / L, 0.8ml / L ratio of the cast 15:8; PAM dosing time was 1.5min; faster stirring speed and time was 200r/min, 1min ; slow stirring speed and time were 30r/min, 15min; single double filtration experiments, removal of turbidity , permanganate index removal is the best treatment effect integrated dual-media one , namely the upper activated carbon filter a layer thickness of 400mm, the thickness of the lower layer of quartz sand filter 400mm.

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