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Research on Local Fan Monitoring and Controlling System Based on Field-bus

Author LiuMai
Tutor GuoXiuCai
School Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Field-bus Local Fan Monitoring and Controlling System DDE
CLC TP273.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Mine local fan, which is an indispensable equipment for tunneling ventilation underground mine, is largely consumed and widely applied, and undertakes important tasks of providing fresh airflow for extracting coal face, exhausting toxic harmful gas and dust and improvimg operating environment. Its working reliability directly influences prduction safety and economic benefit. Just in case, local fan stop it’s wind or go wrong without treatment timely, which will badly threaten coal safe production and coal workers’ person safety. Therefore, it has important realistic meanings that mine local fan is real-time monitored and remote controlled to know its operating state in any time and clear fault in time.FieldBus realizes thoroughly distracting control of local equipments, which work as a sort of digital, serial, multi-node and open databus. LonWorks has many virtues,such as flexible network,open transmit medium,principal and subordinate work,strong realtime,more nodes,high speed,having essence safety productions,etc.It is a kind of fieldbus having good foreground. It is the article’s main task to apply LonWorks to local fan monitoring and controlling system in order to sufficiently distribute LonWorks’ advantage.The local fan monitoring and control system based on LonWorks is developped, with development status of local fan monitoring and control system considered and advanced LonWorks technology and configuration software applied .The development state of field bus and the core technology of LonWorks field bus are introduced, and the feasibility and advantage of LonWorks being applied for mine monitoring are indicated, and based on it, local fan monitoring and control system of LonWorks field bus as communication network. At the same time, its structure, proposal, function and main technical index are discussed. Intelligent node takes it’s hand to gather、deal with and transmit data etc, which is the emphasis of the lower computer design. The design of intelligent network adapter is especially introduced. Configuration software is adopted in host computer design, which has the advantages such as abundant controlling ability, flexible configuration and convenient enlargement. Last, network communication management software is designed by DDE way achieving lower configuration software.The design of host computer’s monitoring part and the design of system communication management is main in the paper. The system adoptes LonWorks field bus as communication network that is a open bidirectional serial mutipoint communicative digital network. It overcomes the faults of traditional mine DCS monitoring system transmiting analog signals, protocol enclosing, etc. and has good application prospect.

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