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Molten salt chlorination of titanium sponge production slag processing research

Author WangXiangDing
Tutor LeiZuo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Non-ferrous metallurgy
Keywords Molten salt chlorination Waste treatment Chin tetrachloride Sponge Chin Green
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Titanium are rare, because of their excellent properties of a series being used in many areas, it's called \Titanium industry has developed rapidly, in 2007 the total global production of titanium sponge reached 166.4kt. At present, domestic production of titanium sponge commonly used method is based on TiCl4 as raw material Magnesium Reduction - distillation (MD France). TiCl4 production methods divided into two categories: boiling molten salt chlorination and chlorination. Molten salt chlorination wide adaptation of raw materials and product quality is excellent, the production of the world's titanium industry TiCl4 consumption accounted for about 40%, but the waste discharge large and complex composition, about 75% for all types of soluble metal chlorides , have greater harm to the environment. Comprehensive treatment of molten slag chloride molten salt chlorination is the current process of using one of the biggest problems facing so far not seen this waste comprehensive treatment of the relevant reports. Yunnan Metallurgical Group Corporation 10kt titanium sponge project is a key project in Yunnan Province Development and Reform Commission projects, from Ukraine introduced a molten salt chlorination as a complementary project will produce an annual molten chloride slag 11.7kt. Test raw materials used in Yunnan Metallurgical Group Corporation provides molten chloride slag, molten chloride slag clearly aimed to explore the composition and the properties and to find reasonable comprehensive approach to reduce the amount of waste piling up; enter on enrichment molten chloride slag various metal ions harmless treatment; chlor-alkali project achieved with chlorine recycling, reducing environmental hazards. Soluble in liquid-solid ratio 2:1, and add a double wash water treatment, may be substantially molten slag chloride dissolved chlorides, chloride lysate obtained. Chloride dissolved solution after cleaning, the chlor-alkali process can be met early purity requirements NaCl saline solution used to dissolve the salt, back for chlor-alkali production. Water insoluble residue to C, SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3-based, with no environmental hazards, can be directly stacked, also be used as anti-wear additives for cement production. Chloride impurity produced during the dissolving liquid residue types, a variety of multi-metal hydroxides, but still entrained solubles. The residue dissolved in entrained solubles, molten chloride solution back to the residue to dissolve. pH5.2 residue after treatment, the remaining residue, containing more than 17% of manganese, iron, total manganese content of 50%, can be used as manganese-rich slag pyrometallurgical production of raw materials. pHH12 residue after treatment, the remaining residue, with calcium, magnesium hydroxide-based, can be directly stacked. Through testing, to find a comprehensive treatment process molten slag chloride channels through which molten chloride slag get a reasonable deal soluble metal chlorides, metal ions are solidified, stabilized, harmless treatment; through the chlor-alkali Project convergence, so that 98.8% of the chloride ions are recycled, reducing environmental pollution; reduce emissions 50 percent of solid waste outside of all residues are stacked proposed reasonable solutions to some residues also proposed a package of proposals outside the system utilization . Test reached a comprehensive processing slag molten salt chlorination purpose, environmentally significant meaning, and to contribute to the development of titanium industry.

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