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The Construction of Ecological Civilization and It’s Significance of Constructing Harmonious Society

Author LiChaoYuan
Tutor CheMeiPing
School Shandong University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Ecological civilization Scientific development harmonious society well-ff society
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Ecology civilization rising is a worldwide revolution revolving mode of production, life styles and values. It’s a irreversible world trend, a new choose afterwards agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. Western countries have suffered a series of ecological problems in the process of industrialization, and so that have carried on the effective thinking and practices. Ecological civilization is rational choice that based on the ecological crisis, the reflection on the traditional concept of development。In capitalist society, due to the limitation of the social system attributes, ecological environment problems may not be completely solved but for promoting perfection of the society. Construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics have made remarkable achievements, especially the rapid development of economy has shown the superiority of the socialist system to the whole world in the past three decades. However, owing to over-emphasize the importance of the economy, we have weakened and ignored the common development of the other aspects those be in parallel with the economy, even as foundation and precondition of it. Precisely because of this, there has been a series ecological ecological issues. Even if economic leap is basic symbol of social development, it should be based on ecology consistence. Marxism stressed that the Productivity is humans’ ability to transform nature, reflecting the relationship between man and nature. Analyzing from this, the reasonable logical deduction is economic development should be based on the existence of nature. Economic development should follow the laws of ecology. Scientific concept of development is a scientific analysis of the new century and new stage, a good grasp of the development of new issues and problems. Thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, the harmonious socialist society must being on construction. Social harmony is the essential attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristics, scientific development and social harmony is the intrinsic unity. What harmony is that between Productive forces and production relations, also between economic foundation and superstructure. It’s that between men and nature, men and society, even men themselves. The harmonious socialist society has a common development of economy, politic, culture, society and ecology. So is it a society with common progress of the material civilization and spiritual civilization, political civilization, and ecological civilization. To build a more perfect socialism with Chinese characteristics, a civilization form meeting with social development must be established.Ecological civilization is the inherent requirement for practicing the scientific development, is the foundation and guarantee of the harmonious socialist society.

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