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The Research on Urban Wetland Ecosystem Service Functions in Changsha City

Author JingLei
Tutor HuYueLi;WuXiaoZuo
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords Changsha Urban wetland Ecological service function Protection Developing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Wetlands and forests, oceans and known as the world's top three highest ecological functions of ecosystems provide important living environment for the production of human life is the most important one of the living environment of the biological diversity, ecological landscape and human nature's most . Urban wetlands as an important part of the urban ecosystem, a variety of services with other ecosystems of the city irreplaceable function, its ecological, social and economic benefits are enormous. This article is based on field survey, the use of a combination of RS and GIS, analysis of the changes in the situation of 1998 and 2007 older Shashi urban wetland resources of Changsha City urban wetland resources of ecological service function value and assessment, last raised the urban wetland protection and use of countermeasures. The main findings are: (1) to determine the scope of Changsha City wetlands selected. (2) According to the study of urban wetland classification at home and abroad, combined with the location of Changsha City, Changsha City wetlands divided into permanent rivers, water storage areas, ponds, paddy fields and canals Category 5. (3) 1998-2007, Changsha urban wetland area (excluding paddy field area) decreased from 5734.28 ha to 5212.47 ha, an average annual decrease of 52.18 hectares. (4) This article based on the domestic and international classification of the wetland ecosystem service functions, combined with the wetland characteristics of Changsha City, Changsha urban wetland ecosystem service function value is divided into two categories, namely value-in-use and non-use value; Use value into the value of the food supply, water supply value, recreational value, scientific value, the value of water conservation, carbon fixation and oxygen value, protection of soil values, the value of climate regulation, biodiversity conservation value; non-use value is divided into the value of the estate, the value of and option value. (5) the integrated use of a variety of evaluation methods of Changsha urban wetland ecosystem services value evaluation results show that the total value of the Changsha urban wetland ecosystem service function 159 3488000 yuan / a, direct use value for 125 2,530,600 yuan / a, indirect use value of 64.92 million yuan / a, non-use values ??18 2,267,900 yuan / a; specific functions of the services value of food supply 11 0,363,000 yuan / a, water supply value 84 993.76 ten thousand yuan / a, the recreational value of 29,165 yuan / a, the scientific value of 58 million yuan / a, water conservation value of 1.5925 million yuan / a, the value of carbon fixation and oxygen 2.395 million yuan / a, 1.4903 million yuan worth of protection of soil / a climate regulation value of 3.2482 million yuan / a, the value of biodiversity 739.93 1 million / a, the presence of the value of 41,591,300 yuan / a, the heritage value of 37.106 million yuan / a, select the value of 3,570,600 yuan / a. (6) Changsha urban wetland protection measures and the future direction of development.

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