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The Application of Dearsenic Ionic Sieve on Arsenic Removal in Lakes and Rivers

Author LiYuan
Tutor NaPing
School Tianjin University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords dearsenic ionic sieve aquatic systems arsenic contamined numerical simulation engineering application
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In recent years,there are many incidents of arsenic contamination in some lakes and rivers,such as Yangzonghai,Duliujiang,Dashahe,Hechi and so on. So the approach more efficient and practical has raised widely attention. This paper has done research on the engineering application of dearsneic ionic sieve, which is especially suitable for the removal of trace-amount arsenic, in dealing with arsenic contamination in aquatic systems. The detailed research work has been cut into three stages. Firstly, experiments for removal of arsenic with the dearsneic ionic sieve have been designed. Secondly, we have simulated the sedimentation of dearsneic ionic sieve in adsorption device during feeding process with computational fluid dynamics simulation software. Lastly, experiments to remove arsenic in Yangzonghai Yunnan have been carried out.According to the experiments research on the effects of adsorption of dearsneic ionic sieve in different types, we have got different types of ion-sieve adsorption capacity, wet material for 11.82mg/g, power material for 5.60mg/g, regeneration material for 6.58mg/g, fibrous ionic sieve for 2.67 mg /g. According to the experiments research on the effects of sedimentation of dearsneic ionic sieve in different size, we have proposed the feeding ways of earsneic ionic sieve. That is, according to the types of dearsneic ionic sieve, we use different feeding ways in different water areas, granular ionic sieve or fibrous ionic sieve for shallow water areas, wet material or power material for deep water areas.At the same time, we have simulated the flow state of dearsneic ionic sieve in the device during feeding process using Euler model. The simulation results showed that solid granules keep group-like structure and keep stable speed at the beginning of feeding, and then, solid granules spread out and the main parts of granules reach the bottom of the device. At last stage of feeding process, solid particles uniformly distributed in the device and the settling velocity of particles is slow.In this paper, we have designed ultra-scale adsorption device used for dealing with trace-amount heavy metal ions contamination in lakes. This device combined with dearsneic ionic sieve can solve the problem of excessive arsenic in Yangzonghai lake effectly and realize waste recovery well. The pilot test of removing arsenic from Yangzonghai Lake has proved that this scheme can effectively remove the excessive arsenic in lakes, resource waste and dispose harmlessly. That is, we have explored a set of mature integrated technology on removal of trace-amount arsenic in contamined lakes.

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