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By Stages Acupuncture Law Treatment Strok Hemiparalysis’s Clinical Research

Author ZhangYiChi
Tutor YuXuePing
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords By stages acupuncture law Hemiparalysis Stroke
CLC R246
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This topic is the stroke hemiparalysis which proposed after acupuncture channels and collaterals theory and Brunnstrom organism restores six stage’s special pathology processes, proposed by stages the acupuncture different acupoint method of treatment. Treats 30 example stroke hemiparalysis patient by this method, in addition supposes the control group 30 examples, the acupuncture bright acupuncture point, observes the patient body function (the Fugl-Meyer meter), daily life energy (improvement Barthel index grading law) change. Seeks one treatment stroke hemiparalysis’s efficacious device.l.Objective:Observation by stages acupuncture law to stroke hemiparalysis’s treatment result.2.Method:Chooses 60 cases stroke hemiparalysis patient, the acupuncture group 30 examples, suppose the traditional acupuncture group 30 examples to take the comparison in addition by stages. Uses Fugl-Meyer movement function evaluation meter (FMA) and revision Barthel index grading law (MBI) to receives trying to carry on around the treatment the comparison.3.Result:Looking from the stroke body hemiparalysis improvement situation, the traditional acupuncture and the needle can make the obvious progress by stages, around the treatment has the obvious difference. But looking from the traditional acupuncture with the acupuncture regarding the improvement body hemiparalysis function’s contrast, carries on the movement function Fugl-Meyer(FMA) grading, daily life energy (MBI) index grading by stages to the stroke patient, the acupuncture group surpasses the traditional acupuncture group by stages, both comparison has the obvious difference.4.Conclusion:By stages the acupuncture law and the traditional acupuncture law can effective enhance the stroke patient’s movement function and daily life ability, but the acupuncture law surpasses the traditional acupuncture law by stages.

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