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Study on Palatability Assurance Critical Control Point of Beef

Author MaoYanWei
Tutor LuoXin
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords Beef The edible quality assurance Critical Control Point Sensory evaluation Steak Shabu beef
CLC TS251.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The eating quality of beef the basis of the value of the goods, it is influenced by genetic, ante-mortem management, post-mortem treatment. This study investigated the ante-mortem Fresh off the time and stress of the maturation process of the beef carcass; sensory evaluation to determine tenderness, flavor, juicy steak and rinse beef eating quality weight; shear force and The correlation between tenderness; varieties month old, mature time, marbling, cooking time, different parts of the steak and rinse beef consumption quality. The main findings of the experiment are as follows: 1. Ante-mortem Fresh off to 12h, the carcass temperature stress, and increase the rate of reduction of the pH value; different levels, in different parts of the beef thawing loss difference was significant (p lt; 0.05), high-grade beef thawing loss, lower loin thaw loss; cooking loss between the divided parts of the difference was not statistically significant (p gt; 0.05); different grades of beef cooking loss was significantly different (p lt; 0.05), the higher the level, the cooking loss the more low; of Luxi Cattle × Claymore praise water retention is significantly better than of Luxi cattle x Simmental (p lt; 0.05); mature can significantly improve the water-holding capacity of beef (p lt; 0.05). 2. The steak tasting experiment results show that: the steak eating quality, tenderness, flavor, juiciness rights were 0.50,0.38,0.12; Luxi cattle 30 months of age x Claymore praise, Luxi cattle × Simmental consumers according to standardized procedures after slaughtering and eating quality differences not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05); slaughtered according to standard procedures, 18-month-old and 30-month-old cattle eating quality difference was not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05); participating in the experiment distinguish different shear force tenderness differences (P lt; 0.01), that steak tenderness suitable shear force of 4.39kg, higher than 5.23 kg unsuitable for steak; marbled steak eating quality impact is highly significant ( P lt; 0.01), Japan marbling No.7 (Level 2), to meet the requirements of consumers in the experiment; maturation time eating quality of steaks affected significantly (P lt; 0.01), mature can improve beef's tenderness, flavor, juiciness; different split parts meat quality differences significantly (p lt; 0.05), loin, head monk eye, sirloin high eating quality; cooking center temperature affect the eating quality of the steak was significant (P lt; 0.01), steak taste quality beef using a lower temperature of the center can be increased. Shabu beef tasting experimental results show that: shabu beef eating quality, tenderness, flavor, juiciness weights were 0.38, 0.41, 0.21; Luxi cattle × Claymore likes eating quality is superior Luxi cattle × Simon tower Seoul; consumers to participate in the experiment shabu beef shear force is less than 4.39kg tenderness, higher than 5.23 kg of taste and tough; marbling on beef eating quality impact very significantly (P lt; 0.01), but reached the Japanese marbling No.7 (level 2), has met the demands of the consumers in the experiment; mature time of shabu beef eating quality and highly significant (P lt; 0.01), mature can improve beef tenderness, flavor, juiciness; different split parts of meat with quality differences significant with (p-lt; 0.05), loin, monk head eye, West cold of edible quality; Cooking time shabu beef food quality impact of a very significant with (P lt; 0.01), shabu beef in boiling water boiling time should not be too long, the shabu 60S tenderness, flavor, juiciness better.

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