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The Research on One Shoulder Bag Strap for Comfort

Author HouXiaoWei
Tutor LiYunTai
School Jiangnan University
Course Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords one shoulder bag strap structure material production process the body size relevance
CLC TS941.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the quickening pace of life and objects with people gets more and more,one shoulder bags are becoming the necessity of college students and professionals. In recent years, many scholars have conducted research on the shoulder strap, in which the study on women’s bra strap design is primarily mature.In the study, a more comprehensive series of comfortable designs are carried out mainly from the features, colors, materials, shape and technology. As for the shoulder bag strap,the releted research from the design point of view gives some design ideas, not focusing on shoulder strap for analysis of a series of in-depth study on the related factors of one shoulder bag,and the solution of comfort issues on one shoulder bags from the view of its own shape and structure of the angles based on mechanical and related mathematics-based major not yet been found.At the same time, new products’comfort with the study through market research package from the subjective aspects of evaluation still not exist.So,one shoulder bag with the comfort design will have a more prominent features and broader development prospects.In this paper, the combination of methods as market research analysis, theory, practice and experimental operation appear in the actual survey, structural design problems and shortcomi- ngs of shoulder bag strap are found, then one shoulder bag strap for the comfort-related factors were analyzed in detail based on the knewledge about ergonomics, mathematics, physics principle and the related knowledge-based fabric.All over the text, based on the side of body shoulder slope, material, friction coefficient being as affected shoulder bag strap, including the role of the human shoulder with the mechanical characteristics, to extract the factors related to comfort, which is much enlightening.1, The establishment of one shoulder bag strap of the relationship between subjective and objective evaluation factors. Through the use of graphics, market research lines and shape shoulder bag with the objective and subjective theory of evaluation factors, using mathematical statistical software, and extract the value associated with the subjective evaluation of one shoulder strap of the best form of objective shape indices, as a "package with a gradient", "border line within the arc," "package width", "outer edges upturned arc." This is one innovation of this article.2, Research on one shoulder bag with the correlation between the factors related to each other, including shoulder strap shape and structure, fabric and forming the objective and subjective indicators, band structure and forming the objective and subjective indicators.(1) The correlation study on one shoulder bag strap’s structure and human shoulder shape: muscles, bone shape, based on the establishment of shoulder bag shoulder strap of the structure and shape of the relevance of human contact;(2) Forming fabric and the subjective and objective study of the relationship between indicators. Shoulder bag with shoulder strap on the materials used to conduct laboratory tests and physical mechanics as the basis to establish the mechanical properties of fabric shoulder bag with a comfort with the correlation between the contact;(3) Forming a special structure to deal with subjective and objective study of the relationship between indicators. On the shoulder strap to carry out a different angle based processing, production package with the structure and the establishment of the strap and shoulder comfort of the correlation between the contact; Analysis of the above is the details and substance of research about one shoulder bag with the comfort-related factors go into, innovation of this thesis is the second.3, Shoulder bag with a comfort-related factors in aggregate.After extracting the comfort-related factors of one shoulder bag, the comprehensive analysis of the shoulder shape and covering with modeling, fabric, including band structure and other related factors is carried out, and the establishment of shoulder bag with a comfort-related factors in shaping the subjective and objective indicators of the regression model is going on,then the optimal comfort range of the facters of the bags are obtained based on regression models.Then will be the the one shoulder strap’s actual design and production of special structure and subjective comfort test, finally through the analysis based on the test conclude the result ,being the third innovation of this article.

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