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Complex network theory of transmission and distribution network in Guizhou, applied basic research

Author WuZuo
Tutor WangHongLei
School Guizhou University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords partial scale-free network spread threshold immunization strategy the complex system optimal power flow innovate model the cascading failure critical point chaos the Lyapunov exponent
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Complex network has been generally considered a new and effective tool to portray and study the complex architecture in the natural world and human society。In recent years, people witnessed the rapid development in the field of this hot spots of statistical physics research, a number of representative models was created, providing a more accurate description for the complex system structure. At present, the complex network of transmission dynamics and the cascading failure has become two hot spots in the complex network research。With the social and economic development, the power grid has become increasingly important in the national economy, thus to strengthen its operation stability is significantly important。From this point of view ,this article analyzed the Gui zhou Power Grid congestion and a cascading power outage fault with relevant theories of complex network and models.In the initial study, we found that Gui zhou Power Grid performs local scale-free characteristics, based on this, we used virus transmission mechanism, of local scale-free network in the complex network, to analyze Gui zhou electricity grid congestion。Considering the power congestion as a "virus", we obtained the critical dissemination value of Gui zhou Power Grid congestion。After comparing several major immunization strategies, we got a immunization strategy that suited the local scale-free network.。During the complex network theoretical research fields, power grid cascading failure is an important component, since cascading failure has been one major reason for large area blackout. Assuming that power load is ever-increasing, this paper used an improved optimal trend model to analyze Guizhou power transmission network。This model reproducted relations among power nodes, load nodes and transmission lines。After analyzing data of Gui zhou Power Grid transmission lines ,we acquired the critical point at which cascading blackouts failure in transmission lines may happen, therefore relevant information was provided for the reliable operation of Gui zhou Power Grid.Finally, we also did a preliminary exploration on the stability of the Gui zhou Power Grid ,using chaos theory, and laid a solid foundation for future research in this area.

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