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Clothing Huayao characterization - Yunnan Huayao Dai Huayao Yi costumes decorative arts Comparative Study

Author ChenFeng
Tutor YangZhaoZuo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Huayao Dai Huayao Yi National dress National culture Decorative Arts Decorative language
CLC TS941.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Huayao Dai Huayao Yi two ethnic groups living in central Yunnan Province, Yunnan, own unique culture and costume art to attract the attention of scholars at home and abroad, and the rapid formation of a surge of research \Huayao Dai and flower waist Yi as Dai and Yi branch of the two ethnic groups live in the contiguous territory, is also very similar to the mode of living and the mode of production of rice farming in the history of the development of the long-term, by the traditional national culture, ethnic the impact of culture, external factors such as national culture, to create with other lineages in costumes structure, ethnic clothing styles in the decorative arts, and the formation of the Art Deco costumes of the ethnic characteristics. Theory based on costume design, ethnology, and other disciplines, Huayao Dai and Huayao Yi costumes, decorative arts and their national culture contains a study. By the depth Huayaodai neighborhoods Shiping County, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County Huayao Yi neighborhoods, fieldwork and extensive collection of Huayao Dai and Huayao Yi costumes decorative arts, a variety of historical data and in-kind from to obtain first-hand information, the use of system analysis, summarized, comparative law research methods, combined with their history and culture of the ethnic groups, Huayao Dai Huayao Yi costumes decorative arts exposition and research system. Thesis Huayao Dai and Huayao Yi costumes Art Deco art features, cultural connotation as the main object of study, on the basis of a brief explanation of the history of both ethnic culture and clothing features, from clothing pattern, color, decorative craft , silver jewelry, headdress, waist decoration and other aspects of the in-depth analysis, a comprehensive analysis of their clothing decorative arts and information embedded in the national culture, and endeavor Huayao Dai and Huayao Yi costumes of traditional ethnic culture, ethnic history, culture, religion ethnic psychological, aesthetic consciousness embodied. Comparative study of both the similarities and differences of the decorative arts in the course of the study, the combination of their distribution area, history and culture, and cultural exchanges, further analysis of the cultural exchanges between the traditional national culture, ethnic, cultural, and ethnic clothing decorative arts impact. The thesis involves costume design, aesthetics, ethnology, folklore interdisciplinary Huayao Dai and Yi costumes decorative arts Huayao layer-by-layer depth research ideas and methods as much as possible the systematic and comprehensive research and exposition . As an example, summarizes the characteristics of Yunnan minorities in large mixed settlement pattern of small settlements, abide by the traditional national culture and national dress art and interacting with each other.

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