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Selection and Inoculation of Dominant Bacteria to Enhance Nutritional Quality and Prebiotics Capacity of Pickles

Author ZhaoLiBin
Tutor TongJunMao;LiuLing
School Shihezi University
Course Processing and storage of agricultural products
Keywords Pickle Lactic acid bacteria Dietary fiber Bifidobacterium
CLC TS255.54
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In order to explore and enhance the quality of traditional kimchi, the formation the modern kimchi products with Chinese characteristics and in line with international trend of the diet, pickles this hobby products play a more important role in the life of modern human health, the subject attempts to traditional kimchi products from China screening probiotic lactic acid bacteria and is used the inoculated fermentation to enhance the quality of kimchi, to seek an upgrading of the traditional kimchi technical way. MRS streak plate separation, screened out of 10 strains of lactic acid bacteria from traditional kimchi products. After in vitro human gastrointestinal environment experiment found that strain LL-1 strain LL-4 Acid and Bile Tolerance of the best. Proliferation of bifidobacteria on their ability to conduct the research and analysis, preferably from a strain LL-4. Morphological and physiological and biochemical identification LL-4 for the same type of Lactobacillus fermentum. Inoculated with lactic acid bacteria fermentation LL-4 kimchi, kimchi fermentation process of research and analysis nutritional quality changes. It was found that the inoculation of LL-4 fermentation conducive to the retention of the pickles nutrients; can effectively reduce the the kimchi nitrite content, control food safety. Inoculated with lactic acid bacteria LL-4-fermented kimchi, kimchi fermentation process of research and analysis prebiotic changes in capacity. The results found that vaccination LL-fermented kimchi advantage several times to enhance the lactic acid content; pickles soluble dietary fiber proliferation of bifidobacteria ability to increase exponentially. Inoculated with lactic acid bacteria LL-fermented pickles, fermentation was terminated when the lactic acid content reaches 0.8%, invite professional tasting evaluation of sensory flavor Mature fermentation pickles, and combined with the kind and content of organic acids by HPLC Comprehensive Evaluation The kimchi flavor quality. The result is inoculated with lactic acid bacteria LL-fermented kimchi flavor is better than the naturally fermented pickles. Inoculation LL-fermented kimchi cold storage, the change in quality of kimchi during cold storage. It was found that inoculated LL-fermented kimchi refrigerator 28 days, can still play the lactic acid bacteria probiotic; kimchi nutrients content showed a gradual downward trend; nitrite content showed a gradual upward trend, but much lower than limits. Our traditional Kimchi to promote bifidobacteria effect. The vaccination LL-4 fermentation, can further enhance the kimchi proliferation of Bifidobacterium probiotic and nutritional quality and flavor of kimchi have been improved to some extent. The results of this study show that vaccination probiotic lactic acid bacteria fermentation LL-4 can improve the overall quality of the kimchi.

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