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Study on Hydroponics with Biogas Slurry as Nutrient Solution

Author YueShengBing
Tutor ZhangYanLin
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Facilities for horticulture
Keywords Biogas slurry Lettuce Soilless cultivation Nutrient solution
CLC S636.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the energy crisis intensified with the deepening of global environmental degradation, biogas technology as a high-quality low-cost biomass source, can not only alleviate the current and future energy crisis, but also effectively solve the problem of pollution, methane fermentation technology community in general has been concern and attention, and more and more used in the production practice. Biogas fermentation technology popularization and application of manufacturing a large number of fermentation residues, and post-processing of the fermentation residues become a big problem. With the large-scale use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides in vegetable production, vegetable flavor, taste, nutritional quality, safety and quality than ever before, it is green agricultural products, organic agricultural products, pollution-free agricultural demand rapid growth in the production of organic fertilizer demand is also rapid growth, while the application of biogas residues in crop cultivation just to meet this demand. The main purpose of this test is to hope that the biogas slurry on the basis of the analysis of the biogas slurry ingredients formulated into the hydroponic lettuce hydroponic lettuce, can handle biogas residues on the one hand, on the other hand hydroponic cultivation cost savings. This test was added to the biogas slurry dilution and various nutrients formulated into different hydroponic lettuce annual bolting lettuce Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wei Hennessy seed selection of lettuce varieties, and cultivation lettuce yield, quality and heavy metal analysis, conclusions drawn where as follows: 1, the nutritional content of the biogas slurry lettuce growth and development to meet basic needs; diluted 10 times with different concentrations of the biogas slurry cultivated lettuce, yield highest; analysis showed that the relative growth rate with increasing concentration, the relative growth rate first increased and then decreased, the measurement results of the previous two, the relative growth rate in the A4 at the maximum, then the results of the two A5 at the maximum that may be appropriate to increase the cultivation late biogas slurry concentration. , Added to the biogas slurry Fe can be a very significant increase in production, an increase of 75.18 percent, adding P, K can be a significant increase in lettuce production, an increase of 39.37 percent, 40.63 percent; cultivated lettuce variety of nutrients added to the biogas slurry lettuce, adding a large number of elements or biogas slurry with the standard solution of each half can be extremely significant to improve production yield increase of 45.45% and 88.66%, respectively, to add a variety of nutrient elements to the ratio of the standard solution to the biogas slurry can significantly improve lettuce yield, yield an increase of 29.44%, and the other handling of lettuce yield no significant improvement. Biogas slurry and the standard solution of each half of the cultivated lettuce, production between production standard solution is not a significant difference in biogas slurry nutrient solution formulated to achieve the production levels of the standard solution. To the biogas slurry Add various fertilizer cultivation lettuce, adding urea can significantly improve the yield of lettuce, an increase of 19.85%, NPK fertilizer can be a very significant increase lettuce yield, yield increase of 37.92%, added to the large treasure fertilizer on lettuce yield is not significantly improved. Preparation using biogas slurry nutrient solution each treatment nitrate levels were significantly lower compared with the standard solution, added to the biogas slurry urea, NPK fertilizer or biogas slurry with the standard solution of each half will significantly improve the content of nitrate; adding urea to the biogas slurry the average Vc content of each treatment can increase its ratio to achieve the same standard liquid water to biogas slurry added urea, P, K, or biogas slurry with the standard solution of each half, or add a variety of nutrient elements; K, NPK fertilizer, Tai Po fertilizer, or while adding a lot of three kinds of elements, or biogas slurry with the standard solution of each half could improve the content of soluble protein; except biogas slurry with the standard solution of each half, each other soluble sugar content The standard solution, urea, P, K, Fe and other nutrients are added to the biogas slurry can increase the soluble sugar content in lettuce. 4, the treatment of heavy metal content are in line with the national limits of heavy metals on vegetables, biogas slurry preparation, the heavy metal content of each treatment compared with standard solution.

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