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Study on Preservation of Fresh-wet Noodles

Author ZhouQiZhong
Tutor ZhouWenHua;LiZhongHai
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords Fresh wet surface Fresh Color Wheat flavor
CLC TS213.24
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Fresh wet noodles, with fresh, tasty, chewy and good noodles flavor characteristics, popular with consumers. However, the fresh wet noodle production workshops at their homes, and health conditions can not be guaranteed, a very short shelf life, greatly influenced the expansion of the fresh wet noodle market. With the acceleration of the pace of social, fresh wet surface industrialization is particularly important, fresh wet surface industrialized production of primary problem is the storage and preservation of this study provide the necessary technical support for the fresh wet surface industrialized production. From fresh wet noodle production choice of flour raw materials, flora during storage of fresh wet surface analysis and the spoilage bacteria separation the antimicrobial preservative choose their fresh wet surface quality, herbal extracts of fresh wet mechanism of surface fresh fresh wet surface color and the Big Mac flavor variation and change possible mechanism. The main conclusions are as follows: Hard flour is processed into fresh wet surface quality is mainly reflected in the water absorption is higher than in the flour made from fresh wet surface, cooking protein loss and cooking loss rate is lower than the flour in made of fresh wet surface. Fresh wet noodle store without preservation treatment for 24 h, the total number of colonies up to 5.8 × 104 of CFU · g-1, and stored for 48 h of the total number of colonies of bacteria and fungi mainly corruption flora, food production plants return is mold caused fat bag is mainly caused due to bacteria. Macroscopic morphology and microscopic examination of the results of the fungal colonies were identified to genus Streptomyces 7 the four kinds Mucor, two species of the genus Penicillium, unknown genus and mildew caused fresh wet surface The main mold Mucor, and Penicillium. Single preservative antimicrobial preservative as effective as add preservation effect of the the NNW complex with preservative; herbal extracts to inhibit bacteria and mold the fresh wet surface, but the inhibitory effect than homemade complex NNW preservative weak, short-term storage of fresh The wet noodle herbal extracts can be used to preservation, the best use of a concentration of 1.5 mg / kg. Added in the processing of fresh wet surface the NNW the Fresh Dough silty curve was not obvious, but the modulation dough ripening allows the dough to stretch resistance, energy value and R / E values ??change greatly enhance the strength of noodles and cooking quality; fresh herbal extracts fresh wet face-to-face group water absorption was not obvious, but the dough development time, stability time and 10 min softening degree influential. The mass fraction of water control wet surface color can be maintained between 22% -25%; wet surface color and gloss wet gluten content can be maintained at 26% -30%; wet surface modulation add 8% (by mass) modified starch can increase the whiteness of the wet surface and maintain the color of fresh wet surface, but the amount can not exceed 8%; of NNW mixed preservative to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction because of its role in preservation and to maintain color preservative is not added to the mixed cause the mechanism wet surface color darkens, but keep the wet surface color effect is not obvious; wet noodle production storage at low temperatures favor color retention and product quality to maintain. Fresh wet noodle wheat flavor microwave treatment at room temperature and under conditions 2 months and 6 months under low temperature conditions the product before packaging. Fresh wet surface after sterilization process in the production process, product shelf life Big Mac flavor fades and odor, microbial enhanced is not the main reason, the main reason is that fresh wet surface processing flour enzyme did not lose their activity, due to the water involved in the biochemical reaction of these enzymes

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