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The Research on the Influence of the Dart Distribution of Bra Cup on the Breast Pressure Comfort and Body Type Moulding

Author HuangXiaoQin
Tutor ZhangWenBin;ZhangDaoYing
School Donghua University
Course Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords bra basis pattern bra cup dart distribution pressure comfort body type moulding
CLC TS941.717.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Through the research on the the status quo of bra’s development,we know that the pattern design of bra is studied mainly on the domain of the comfort on the femail’s body, especially it takes high attention to the bra’s pressure comfort on the breast.However,some brassiere companies seldom stick to do research on the problem. This thesis will study the relevance between the dart distribution of the bra cup,its pressure on the breast and the body type moulding of bra,from the dart corner design of a cup which is the structure of bra. And the result is that,it can get the optimized bra pattern design.The thesis study the former’s basis sample pattern of bra firstly to collect the relevant data of the bra,combining the measurement of the femail body data between 18 to 25 years old in shanghai,we can get the body measurement data concerning the design of the bra pattern,and ustizing the data to modify the body model, combining three dimensional and two dimensional clothing cutting method.After having done the bra’s basis sample pattern, we should search some appropriate femail to put on to modify the sample pattern again and again,and get the new right sample pattern.Secondly,distribute the dart corner of the bra cup,and design the eleven different bras conculding bra which is made using the sample bra pattern.There are one-piece type cup,two-pieces type cup,three-pieces type cup,they are all the three quarters-cup. Thirdly,this paper will do two impersonal experiments, the one pratice is the bra try-on with the body type moulding impact on the real person,another is the measurement of bra’s cup pressure on the breast.Fourthly,the paper will use the statistics software SPSS to anlyze the data of the two experiments to get the relevance between the dart distribution of the bra cup and its pressure on the breast as well as the bra’s body type moulding impact result.And the paper will anlyze the mathematics model of them,and get the methods of dart corner distribution design according with the condition of the bra pattern optimization.At last,the paper will chose the most appropriate bra from the eleven different bras to study the pattern making method.The innovation spot of this paper is more concerned about connecting the presssure comfort on the breast,bra pattern and bra try-on impact to get the best pattern with the comfortable pressure and good impact of bra try-on.In a word, the bra pressure’ impact on the breast is positive,it can create the beautiful curve of the breast.And the pressure on the breast is very small,and the pressure on the underside breast and armpit is stronger. The paper studies the task through combining the dart corner distribution of the bra cup with bra try-on impact and the comfort pressure on the breast, and taking high attention on the femail body health,also afford ing reference to the reasearch on the bra structure in bra industry,which has very positive research significance.

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