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Research the Characteristic of the Traditional Meat (Roasted Chicken) During Processing

Author WuSuoLian
Tutor KangHuaiBin
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering
Keywords Chicken Taste ingredients TPA Tenderness Ultrastructure Storage stability
CLC TS251.67
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The chicken is a famous traditional features meat, fresh, fragrant, tender unique flavor well received by consumers at home and abroad, but a long time, chicken mostly traditional process improvement, chicken less basic research. In this thesis, the amino acid analyzer and high performance liquid chromatography to study the changes in the composition of the nucleotides and free amino acids taste the chicken processing; Applications Food Texture Analyzer different processes on the texture of the chicken processing ; using scanning transmission electron microscopy analysis of the ultrastructural changes of chicken processing; the same time, the storage stability of the chicken. The study results are as follows. 1 chicken processing moisture content decreased (P lt; 0.05), protein and fat content cooking 1h, and thereafter gradually decreased with the extension of the cooking time, salt content with prolonged cooking time liters high. 2 chicken finished the major free amino acids glutamic acid, aspartic acid, lysine, leucine and arginine, chicken finished glutamic acid and aspartic acid flavor content of amino acids, respectively, the threshold 170 times and 99 times the flavor nucleotide 5'-IMP content is higher than its threshold of more than six times, of flavor nucleotides and flavor amino acids constitute an important component of the delicious taste of chicken; frying process on the chicken free amino acids, nucleotides and other taste ingredients was not significant (P gt; 0.05), the cooking process is the formation of an important process of delicious chicken. 3 pickled treatment can reduce the leg muscles cooking during shear force value, hardness, improve leg muscle tenderness; the pickling treatment can reduce the elasticity of the muscles of the chest during cooking; marinated processing chicken processing elastic leg muscles, restorative, cohesiveness, chewiness and breast muscle shear force values, hardness value, restorative, cohesiveness, chewiness no effect; cooking process can reduce breast and thigh shear force values ??to improve the tenderness of the chicken while cooking process can improve pickled processing chicken breast muscle, leg muscle recovery and chewiness; frying process can improve the cohesiveness of the chicken breast muscle. 4 chicken processing perimysium, endomysium and myofibrillar structure are varying degrees of change, muscle ultrastructural changes affecting the internal factors of the chicken tenderness. Low temperature storage and vacuum-packed chicken can effectively inhibit microbial growth and reproduction in the chicken, reduce the value of chicken during storage AV the POV value and TVB-N value, delaying changes in sensory quality of the chicken, slow roast chicken during storage corruption, rancidity and the degree of oxidation.

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