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Metabolomics of Quality Change of Plum Cv. Blackamber during Postharvest Periods

Author HuLing
Tutor LiLiPing;WangYouSheng
School Beijing Technology and Business University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Plum Fruit Quality changes Metabolomics
CLC TS255.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this study, volatile substances, sugar and acid components, chroma, and phenols as plums fruit quality factor, the use of solid-phase micro extraction (SPME) and GC the technical (GC / MS) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), research tools, and principal component analysis (PCA), canonical correlation analysis and stepwise regression analysis and other methods, from the point of view of metabolomics on postharvest fruit plums at room temperature, low temperature storage, as well as in these two storage mode 1 - methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treatment, the variation of the quality system study results show that: 1. plums fruit detected 53 volatile components, 24 kinds of sugar and acid components and 75 kinds of phenols, in which the main aroma substance (Z) -3 - hexenal, (E) -2 - hexenal, hexyl acetate, 4 - hexene-1 - ol acetate, of γ- decalactone and δ-octalactone, the main sugars and organic acid is D-fructose, and d-glucose, sucrose, sorbitol, malic acid, and citric acid, the most abundant amino acid is L-aspartic acid . 2. 20 ℃ storage, fruit sweet and sour taste gradually rich polyphenol content gradually increased, and aroma quality drop occurs when the 6d; 0 ° C storage, a library 67d gradual loss of sweet and sour taste, shelf life The taste of the gradual decline in the quality of the content of phenols in two phases, with the storage time decreased, and the generation of volatile substances are also suppressed. 1-MCP delayed the entire 20 ℃ Storage plum fruit phenolics generation, but delay the the aroma quality decline mainly in 9d ago to delay the effect of fruit taste rich process mainly in the 6-15d; at 0 ℃ ,1-MCP storage delay before storage out of the library in the mid-accumulation of sweet and sour taste, sweet and sour taste of the loss of the loss of phenols and advance out of the library late out of the library, and at the same time slow down the process of the shelf life of aroma quality decline and the rapid loss of taste. 20 ° C storage ,1-MCP can delay Li peel color deepened, flesh red and green color stages. 0 ° C under conditions ,1-MCP in storage early the library reduce the brightness of the peel, delaying the reduction of redness. In the entire shelf life significantly delay the reduction of Li pulp brightness and red to flesh yellow. The sensory evaluation showed that the storage conditions of 20 ° C and 0 ℃ ,1-MCP able delaying plum fruit pulp become darker in color, this role mainly in shelf life when stored at 0 ℃,. 4. 20 ℃ storage ,1-MCP delay Plum Fruit reducing power reduction, suppression Clear superoxide anion and ABTS radical capacity increases. 0 ° C storage conditions ,1-MCP in the library and shelf life are delaying total antioxidant capacity of fruit to reduce the total reducing power rise; Storage mid-inhibiting clear the effect of the reduced ability of DPPH radical and ABTS radical to delay clear reduction of the role of the hydroxyl radical in the late storage; remove the ability of the superoxide anion with stage-specific 1-MCP fruit. 5. 20 ℃ under the conditions ,1-MCP Plum Fruit LOX activity and CAT activity induced increase in storage before mid-rise, and H 2 O 2 and the content of MDA SOD activity in storage before the mid-term decline; inhibit APX activity increased in the medium-term storage. 0 ℃ storage ,1-MCP throughout the storage period out of the warehouses and the shelf life of the late suppression Plum Fruit H increased 2 O 2 content; inhibit late storage out of the library inhibit the late period of storage, a library, and the shelf life of pre-LOX and SOD activity increased and the entire shelf life of the GSH content increased;; inhibition of CAT activity and MDA content in the entire shelf life increased as well as the library late storage and APX increased. ,1-MCP can inhibit the of Plum Fruit POD activity increased in both storage temperature. 6 plum fruits canonical correlation coefficient between the the volatile material adverse aroma 0.995, regression model adjusted R2 = 0.971; canonical correlation coefficient between sugar and acid components with pH values ??of 0.937, the regression model adjusted the R 2 0.870; canonical correlation coefficients between polyphenols and sweet / acid, sweetness 0.973; phenolic substances with chroma canonical correlation coefficient between the two groups, respectively, 0.998 and 0.995; eight active oxygen metabolism indexes and MDA content between canonical correlation coefficient of 0.746, the regression model adjusted R 2 0.547; phenolic compounds and antioxidant indicators were established stepwise regression model, the best fitting degree of the total phenolic content. By their respective typical major acting factors have a significant effect with the bad aroma, pH value, sweet / acid, sweetness, chroma, antioxidant activity and active oxygen metabolism.

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