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Cohesive Features in Discussion Section of Medical Research Articles Written by Native English Speaking Medical Writers

Author HanXiao
Tutor GeGuangChun
School Fourth Military Medical University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Convergence characteristics Research papers Discussion section
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The system functions Stylistics in Systemic Functional Grammar of Halliday (1973) based on the stylistic factions. Through the use of the system functions stylistic analysis, language users are able to discover the characteristics of the different stylistic language. Convergence as one of the elements of the system functional stylistics, Halliday (1976) is considered to be an important means to achieve the quality of the article. Although many scholars (Williamson, 1991; Brinkley, 1998; Stotesbur, 2003; Hu, Cheng, 2005) has been the discourse of different stylistic convergence analysis of the characteristics of the English medical research papers written by native English scholars The full text or a specific part of the research has rarely been reported. Discussion part of this study, native English scholars (hereinafter referred to as foreign scholars) written medical research papers for the study sample, a preliminary analysis of the convergence in the characteristics of the part, discussed convergence in improving the quality of the article role. Groping after preliminary experiments, we used stratified random sampling method from each randomly selected five English medical research papers in medical journals of the United States and the United Kingdom published in SCI, a corpus of 25 medical research papers . On this basis, according to Halliday (1976) (Reference) alleged connection (Conjunction) and lexical cohesion (Lexical cohesion) the three convergence means defined part of the discussion of medical research papers in the corpus of convergence means of identification, and the data obtained were analyzed using the chi-square test. The results of this study are: 1) In the discussion section of the 25 medical research papers, Halliday (1976) proposed the frequency of occurrence of the three cohesive devices are: lexical cohesion (2982,77.45%) alleged (664 17.25%) and connected (204,5.30 percent), the frequency of use among a significant difference (P lt; 0.05). 2) the use of lexical cohesion, repeat (2228,74.71%) are the most frequently used cohesive devices, followed hyponymy word (313,10.50 percent), synonym (244,8.18 percent) and match (197,6.61% ). Repeat and hyponymy words, between the frequency of use of synonyms, with a significant difference (P lt; 0.05); hyponymy words between the frequency of use of synonyms, with no significant difference (P gt; 0.05). 3) alleged, three alleged type occurrence frequency from high to low order instructions allegations (391,58.88%), comparing the alleged (157,23.65 percent) and Personal Reference (116,17.47%). Indicating alleged significant difference (P lt; 0.05) and compare the allegations and called the alleged frequency of use; compare the allegations and called the alleged use of frequency did not differ significantly (P gt; 0.05). 4) four types of connection, turning connect (86,42.16%) most frequently used, followed by the addition of connection (76,37.25%), the causal connection (25,12.25%) and time (17,8.34% ). The turning point in connection with the causal connections and time connection between the frequency of use of a significant difference (P lt; 0.05) were significantly different (P lt; 0.05); additions connection with the causal connection and time connection between the frequency of use. In our corpus, we found a total of 28 the different convergence word or convergence of phrase, the total frequency of 204 times, of which up to 121 times the frequency of use of the five most commonly used the convergence word or phrase. The draw was the main conclusions of this study are: 1) we find that Halliday (1976) the defined three convergence types and their respective subordinates classification type were encountered in the discussion part of medical research papers. Medical research papers writers of these convergence means the reasonable use of the article content organization. For example, to connect through the rational use of conjunctions discussion fluent and clear thinking. Lexical Cohesion through the hyponymy words and with front and rear to take care of the medical research papers discuss part of the contents of closely co-ordinated. These findings are again confirmed the thesis Halliday (1976,1994) play an important role in the organizational aspects of convergence in the discourse. 2) We also found that in the discussion part of medical research papers, Halliday (1976) defined three types of cohesive devices use different frequencies and there is a significant difference. This finding suggests that medical research papers, the drafters of the the convergence means of selective use discussion part of the function are closely related and medical research papers. On repeat and instructions on the alleged the two convergence means of high-frequency use to prevent misunderstandings in the discussion, in order to accurately, clearly demonstrate the point of view. The turning point connections and causal connection cohesive devices using the same high frequency to help writers to provide a convincing example of logical reasoning to convince the reader to accept the point of view. Personal Reference and synonym convergence means the use of low-frequency reduces the wording diversity, but can effectively avoid the alleged discussion fuzzy, making the discussion more clear. The paper medical research paper discusses some of the convergence characteristics of the tentative results of this study will help medical science and technology workers, particularly helpful in the English medical research papers of a better understanding of the field of English studies The sexual part of the paper discusses the convergence characteristics and mechanism of action, and to write clear, coherent English research papers.

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