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The Study of "the Lost Generation" in America in 1920’s

Author QiuYunFeng
Tutor BaiXueFeng
School Shandong University
Course World History
Keywords Lost Generation Social and political reasons Cultural Values Literary expression
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The last century, 20 - 30 years, before and after the two world wars, in American society has so a social phenomenon: the outbreak of the First World War had just entered adulthood, and literary reputation in the 1920s to get young people filled with weariness, perplexed and pessimistic mood. They grow late 1960's was the era of capitalism and a serious decline. The characteristics of the times, so that they exhibit complex and contradictory ideological state. They both saw the disintegration of the capitalist world and the fall of the so-called Western civilization, but not from his own career to find the narrow way, it was a confused eyes, and was known as the \The reason they lost, because this generation is completely traditional values ??no longer fit the post-war world, but they can not find a new life guidelines. They believe that only reality is the truth, the reality is cruel. Their hopes were dashed after the spiritual life seemed empty but meaningless. So they only follow their own instincts and senses act, ostensibly trying to rebel former ideals and values, in order to stimulate the sensual pleasures of the senses to express their dissatisfaction with reality. Although they called themselves the \Although they flee their homes, but still voluntary repatriation; although they criticized the philistine style, but still love the motherland, because they have been looking for career and spiritual way, like Hemingway \\deep in history is rare. There are more representative figures Faulkner, Hemingway, Karpathos and Cummings, Fitzgerald and so on. This phenomenon is not accidental, but for various reasons dictates. The first is the impact of the First World War, the U.S. government before the war deception and cruel reality of war led to a huge gap between the ideal and the reality is the formation of the \the American youth on society disappointment, especially when they realize the ideal hero of war and post-war American social reality, especially when you can not find work after returning to form a strong contrast is to allow them to produce confusion in the future; In the twentieth century, the pessimism prevalent in Western society, confusion, subversive ideas, and death have been the lack of awareness on the positive spiritual pillar of American society of the negative impact is enormous, it affects, including the \generations. And to Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway), Fitzgerald (FrancisScott Fitzgerald) and Pa Su Adams (Dos Passos), represented by American writer, put these ideas lost generation of confusion and confusion tactics phenomena through literature show in the world in front of people to study for the later period of history provides valuable material. Of the \Because China is now open to the ongoing construction of a harmonious socialist society, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The young generation of the world, life and values ??formation and development will be affected by various factors, among which there are favorable factors, there are also negative factors, while avoiding disadvantages how to prevent Chinese-style lost generation is that we should be highly attention.

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