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Wiper Motor Control System Design Based on LIN and USB Bus

Author HuangHuang
Tutor JiangYiCheng
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords LIN bus USB bus Wiper motor Embedded Systems Industrial control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the rapid development of electronic technology, a lot of electronic equipment used in the automotive sector, leading to harness the rapid growth of the length of the body, the traditional way of wiring has far can not meet the requirements, and therefore promote the development of automotive bus technology. In this context, a local interconnect fieldbus network LIN emerged. LIN bus is characterized by a low cost, high reliability, and are mainly used in the body control unit on the transmission rate of less demanding, including wiper motor control. The purpose of this project is to add LIN bus wiper motor control FAW-Volkswagen's existing wiper wiper automatic quality evaluation system, the new system to control the a LIN motor's run by computer. The select the microprocessor MC9S12D64 as a core component of embedded systems implemented in firmware LIN bus protocol, to achieve the purpose of control LIN motor. Embedded systems and computer communication using USB bus interface, USB communication. Write USB drivers and communication applications in the computer, and eventually create a new evaluation system applications operating interface seamlessly into the LIN motor control. This paper introduces the basic knowledge of the latest LIN and USB bus protocol, which is the basis for the design of the whole system; Secondly, the detailed description of the hardware circuit design of embedded systems, including the LIN interface chip the MC33661, USB interface chip PDIUSBD12 micro the processor interface circuit. And summed up this system PCB board production experience in the design, electromagnetic compatibility, in order to improve the reliability of the system; then based on modular, hierarchical design thinking, the microprocessor embedded C programming LIN and USB firmware; Finally, the computer end, a detailed account of the design methods and experience of the the WDM type of USB driver, as well as the application of VC prepared USB device communication applications. USB devices read and write functions packaged as a dynamic link library (DLL) called, in the old VB production application, LIN motor control added. VB call a DLL written using VC. Part of the subject in the embedded systems mainly LIN and firmware design of the USB bus, LIN bus protocol and the USB bus technology in industrial real-time control; mainly in the computer section to complete the preparation of the USB driver and application to achieve perfect a humane operation and test functions. After industrial site commissioning, to good effect, can be used in day-to-day work. The next step could be the auto rain sensor as a LIN node in parallel and the wiper motor directly connected to the LIN bus, to achieve automatic control of the wiper motor.

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