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Mongolian translation teaching

Author SuRiGuGa
Tutor TangJiSi
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords Mongolian translation teaching History Status quo Question Countermeasure
CLC H212
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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21st century technology is changing rapidly , rapid economic growth , globalization and international development increases the demand for translation professionals. Changes in the characteristics of the new century , so that the development and reform of translation teaching at a new starting line . Mongolian region in particular economic, cultural and foreign exchange Mongolian suit the needs of the demand for regional development of advanced composite translators growing , but also on the Mongolian translation teaching put forward new requirements and problems. At this point , the author Northwest Nationalities University in Lanzhou and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities of survey sites and read through the relevant literature , combined with the use of participant observation , in-depth interviews , questionnaires and other methods. Looking after collecting comb Mongolian translation teaching history and current situation of the future development of the Mongolian translation teaching in trying to figure out the problems and make recommendations . The full text of the introduction , body , discussion, reference literature composed of four parts . Text by the history , status quo translation teaching Mongolian translation teaching , translation teaching outlook and recommendations of the three parts. Introduction mainly explained the background and significance of research developments, including the status of the Chinese translation of foreign and Mongolian teaching and research , as well as related concepts to make the appropriate definition and distinction , and survey research to the selection and description of the way done and elaboration. The second chapter describes translation teaching historical overview . Mongolian translation teaching in the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty reign has been higher attention and development , although not standardized in many ways , but many aspects of its faculty , teaching inputs, translation test , trainees and employment are worth learning and learning. In the Ming and Qing dynasties , though , and after the 20th century Yuan Dynasty , but the translation teaching has its unique and played a pivotal role. Chapter III describes the change in the times change and the Mongolian region, the traditional translation teaching mode and questioned the talent training mechanism , so that the teaching of translation problems and disadvantages are also exposed. The author translation teaching discipline construction and development process of translation teaching curriculum, building materials , teacher training , teaching methods, discussed the status of Mongolian translation teaching five aspects of teaching in the Mongolian translation of educational disciplines working lag, lack of teachers and the this aggravated the preparation of teaching materials , curriculum lacks rationality, and some of the real problems of outdated teaching environment and teaching methods and materials that exist were mainly discusses insufficient . After the fourth chapter of the history and current situation to understand and organize translation teaching for the real problems in the future reform of the way the teaching of translation were discussed and put forward some ideas and suggestions. Problems in translation teaching in addition to the institutional , policy, limiting the social environment and other objective factors , there are many deficiencies of their own existence . Therefore, I propose objective factors we can not control a lot, but only through continuous improvement , and improve ourselves , to find out from their own reasons, in order to develop better teaching for the development of the Mongolian translation of the region and cultivate more and better qualified personnel . The fifth chapter of translation teaching carried conclusions and discussion . After the speech summed up the entire contents , from a more rational perspective on several issues need to think about the Mongolian translation teaching expounded , finally proposed due to the many shortcomings of this thesis there is manpower, resources are limited, hope for the future the researchers offer some ideas and insights.

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