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Research and Development on Automatic Crystal Resonator Coarse-Fine Grinding Machine

Author MaShiLong
Tutor YangChongChang
School Donghua University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords watch resonator tuning fork crystal automatic coarse-fine grinding STC MCU control time slice circular scheduling algorithm
CLC TG580.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the social development, to meet the requirements of industrial upgrading, enhance production efficiency and product performance, to solve the problem of low automatic level which is ubiquitous in the industry of 32768Hz tuning fork type quartz crystal resonator at present, it is necessary to develop new equipment which can realize the automation of coarse grinding and fine grinding.In this paper, it takes the development of the coarse-fine grinding machine as the core. Based on in-depth analysis of the process of quartz tuning fork resonator and the automatic coarse machine, develop the structure of the automatic coarse machine, at the same time the control system is improved. Develop a set of equipment that can realize the automatic coarse-fine grinding of quartz wafer which has electrode pins.First of all, the coarse grinding and fine grinding process of the quartz tuning fork resonator is introduced and analyzed in detail. Then the general planning of the structure and control system is discussed and finalized the mechanical structure and the corresponding control method. And the mechanical structures and their functions are brief introduced.Secondly, based on the electrical parameter model of quartz crystal resonator and grinding-wheel grinding theory, the relationship between the frequency, impedance of the crystal and the parameters of grinding is discussed, and then establish the mathematical model. Using this mathematical model, on the basis of manual coarse grind and fine grinding process, the automatic grinding process of the automatic crystal resonator coarse-fine grinding machine is designed and optimized.Thirdly, modular design is adopted in the design of the control system. The key chips and corresponding circuit are analyzed in the hardware design. The MCU system programming methods that are commonly used are analyzed in software design. Time slice circular scheduling algorithm is description in detail. And the algorithm is used in the control system programming. In this paper anti-jamming measures are also introduced in hardware and software design of the control system.At last, simulate the forces on tuning fork arms in the grinding process by using computer simulation technology. We got the optimal grinding position from the experimental data. It also plays a directing role in design and optimization the automatic grinding process.The machine has realized automatic loading, automatic transmit, automatic shaping and automatic grinding functions. The research and development of the machine improve the automatic level of watch resonator industry. The theoretical research in this paper is also positive to the other crystal element industry.

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