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SMS alarm monitoring of electric power data network and storage systems

Author SongJianBo
Tutor LuoWenJun
School Guizhou University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Power industry Syslog server Information detection Information processing Information is sent
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Maintenance management, or use a more old-fashioned manual telephone alarm in the development of the project, the operation of the power industry in Guizhou, this backward management mode, for the supply side, the lack of effective management of the fault information, early warning information The means and methods, making calls responsive management style to become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises. From the user's perspective, a long time troubleshooting, frequent failure, it is difficult to make enough confidence and goodwill of the users of the services of the Information Center; speaking from the point of view of the system monitoring equipment business running state can not be effectively monitored that the operation and maintenance personnel can not be a comprehensive understanding of the run-time status of IT systems; speaking from the point of view of operations management, outdated IT management tools led to a heavy workload and low maintenance level, neither conducive to operation and maintenance personnel technological qualities of is not conducive to the power enterprises to improve the quality of service, reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, I hope that the use of the development of the project, to be able to the Guizhou power industry automation management, advanced technical means to reduce operating costs and improve profitability. The project in accordance with the actual needs of the business side, taking into account the specific implementation process, to take the way of listening on port 514, Guizhou Electric Power Data Network, network management, fault information through mobile phone text messages in real-time analytical processing, reliably sent to the network management personnel on the phone, and all alarm information is stored. The system includes three parts of the SMS alarm detection system, information storage, backup system, messaging system. Which the SMS alarm detection system design approach is based Syslog server, collect alarm information directly from the of Guizhou electricity data online by listening 514 port; design information storage backup system is the storage of information in accordance with the principles of prior design split . SMS transceiver system design approach is to configure a the SMS hardware gateway, a software IP Gateway Interface, CMPP3.0 SGIP1.2, SMGP3.0 agreement to Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom and other operators, users send text messages or receive text messages. The project taking into account the actual operating costs, make full use of the existing technical equipment Lee transmission line; taking into account the security of the data, focus on the design of the performance of data redundancy, minimize data collection and transmission loss and the probability of the disorder. According to the system requirements analysis, the project to achieve the following three functions: First, the timely and accurate capture of information sent over the network management from the the Guizhou power data online. Second, the capture of failure information analysis and processing, including the spin-off and storage of information. Processing information in real time to the way SMS reliable sent to the network management personnel on the phone. This article focuses on three aspects of information capture, information processing, and information transmission introduced the system development process, especially in the logic of the system did not meter depth.

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