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Research on Mechanism and Experi-Ments of Wire Electrode Wear in Wedm

Author MaWei
Tutor BaiJiCheng
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords WEDM Wire loss ANSYS The slope of the current rise Transient Response
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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EDM wire cutting technology as an important branch of power processing technology of the fastest growing , most widely used , and plays an important role in many areas . The WEDM there wire loss not only affects the machining accuracy , and will occur due to excessive wear and tear of the wire , broken wire . Because of its special processing mechanism and the complexity of the processing mechanism , no more mature theory to explain this phenomenon . Therefore carry out the wire loss mechanism and experimental research will not only help to improve the EDM wire cutting mechanism , and also has important practical significance to improve the machining accuracy and processing efficiency for guidance in the actual production . Access to large amounts of literature based on analysis of the microscopic mechanism of WEDM , the impact of mobile and wire electrode discharge channel loss factors . Consider thermal convection , the impact of the physical parameters vary with temperature and discharge channel mobile as process heat source with Gaussian heat source thermodynamic model , using ANSYS software peak current pulse width ratio and the current rise in the slope of the electrode wire loss temperature field simulation study . Power and current waveform controlled power switch tube wire loss experimental study , and plan a more reasonable processing path . Transient response analysis of the reasons for the current waveform controllable power increase inductance value of the current rise slope changes faint . Found that the main factors affecting the loss of the wire electrode is a current rising slope, followed by the ratio of the peak current and the pulse width and peak current through the wire electrode loss experiments . According to the above findings and experimental verification, in the case of a rising slope of a small current , low peak current and pulse width ratio and a small peak current , processing speed is reduced smaller cutting 105mm2 when the loss of the wire electrode of less than 5μm .

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