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Research and Development of Integrated System for Simulation of Sheet Forming Applied to Whole Process of Product Design

Author GaoJianFeng
Tutor LiuYuQi
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords CAD / CAE integration UG secondary development Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Template Blank estimate Drawbead optimization Trimming line Real drawbead generate
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The traditional CAE software due to the need to work with CAD software to use, there is missing data, inefficiencies and other issues, CAE development bottleneck. CAD / CAE integration is one of the means to break the bottleneck, it has the advantage of seamless integration and data lossless, the direction of development of CAE software in recent years. The current CAE software development direction toward convenience and speedy processing needs to be done before the work is more automated and intelligent, and reduce the amount of user operation, improve the pre-treatment efficiency. CAE pre-processing, more than half of the time during the process of setting process set has a large amount of data, the operation is repeated characteristics can be fully in the process set up by the system, the user minor modifications submitted calculation. Template technology has customizable, reusable with the advantages of completely can be used to define the processes and the template technology into the CAE system, can greatly speed up the definition of the speed of the process, to improve the efficiency of the pre-treatment. Paper mold State Key Laboratory of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to develop the inverse algorithm and incremental solver in UG software platform, developed the first international-oriented product development process plate metal forming simulation of integrated CAD / CAE system Fastamp -NX. The system has a blank estimate, the commencement of the trim line, the real drawbead generation and incremental method to simulate the four modules, can be achieved from product design, process design, mold design to virtual tryout process CAE simulation. Blank estimation and trimming line expansion module is based on the inverse algorithm, fast prediction parts forming, flanging process defects, early discovery of design flaws, reduce modification costs at the product design stage. The calculated blank outline also has calculated trimming line drawbead optimization functions. The drawbead role described, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of Sheet Metal Forming Simulation equivalent drawbead real drawbead two models. Real tendons analog existence the slow real drawbead model to create, modify the difficulty of the problem, but a more accurate simulation results closer to reality. The real pull bead generation module can effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the real drawbead can achieve variable cross-section to drawbead generated, and modify convenience. Is widely used the template technology into CAE system in other areas, has developed a template-based technology in sheet metal forming simulation module. The module can stamping and hydraulic forming simulation, drawing, integer, trimming, flanging and springback process simulation, process definition can pass through the import process template to achieve, to avoid a repeat operation. The module has a convenient project management system, the analog engineering can be achieved quickly open. In addition, the module also implements UG drawing of the dialog box, make up for the deficiencies of UG dialog box.

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